PAC For-Credit are predominantly one-credit courses that fulfill part of the Fitness Baccalaureate requirement. PAC For-Credit can be taken for a grade or S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) basis. Undergraduate students may count 11 credits toward graduation. You may repeat the same course as many times as desired. Registration for PAC For-Credit can be completed through MyOSU

We also offer PAC Non-Credit registration options for select courses. Please visit our PAC Non-Credit page for more details and registration instructions. 

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Aerobic & Fitness

aerobics instructor teaching a class

PAC Aerobics and Fitness classes offer a variety of instructional classes that include traditional aerobics and resistance training along with classes that hone in your skills for a particular item such as snowboard-ski conditioning. Our goals in these classes include basic education on body mechanics and physiological training to allow students the ability to walk into a fitness program and succeed.


Swimming instructor teaching students in the pool

Want to learn to swim? What about Surf or SCUBA dive?

Even if you just want a good work out. We have all that and more!

We offer over 15 different classes ranging from swimming for non-swimmers to competitive swimming, Aqua aerobics, Rowing/Crew, water polo, and surfing.

We offer five different SCUBA courses and the opportunity to become a certified Dive Master through our Dive Master Training. Every course will teach you safety aspects and proper techniques so you will be able to continue with the activity long after the class is over.


Martial Arts

PAC martial arts courses

A combination of form, sport, and self-defense styles are available. Develop skills in body control, meditation, and physical fitness through various martial art styles, including Karate, Judo, Tia Chi, and others. An emphasis is placed on self-discipline and respect.


Mind Body taxonomy image

Our courses promote the connection between the mind and body. Activities range from relaxation, which focuses on the the mind-body connection and basic function of the nervous system, to Vinayasa yoga, which offers a more dynamic opportunity to engage in a flow like state.


Outdoor Recreation

Professional & Leadership