FAQ | Yoga Studies and Yoga Teacher Training Program


Yoga Studies and Yoga Teacher Training Program

The program combines yoga praxis and instruction with academic accountability and a scholarly approach to yoga made possible by OSU’s expertise in the academic study of yoga.

Students will develop proficiency in instructing the postural and contemplative dimensions of yoga through cultivating their knowledge of yoga biomechanics, yogic philosophy, contemplative methods and techniques, and theoretically-grounded teaching methods.

Knowledge acquisition will be paired with ample practical opportunities to support both disciplinary and teaching competencies. More broadly, students will be encouraged to reflect upon their relationship to self, to their communities, and the world, as relationality and interdependence are central tenets of yoga’s philosophical worldview.

The program is Yoga Alliance certified and includes both a 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training.

Yes, and students who complete the YSC will earn their 500 hr YTT Certificate, in addition to their transcript visible YSC.

Yes, the program is divided into two tiers.

The first tier is the 200 hour training and the second is the 300 hour training.

Students can stop after tier 1 or enter at tier 2 if they already have a 200 hour yoga teacher training (please contact us to verify that your program meets these requirements).

Please note that individuals who opt for either of these options will not earn the YSC.

This training comes with two concurrent certifications. The YSC, which is a transcript visible certificate and a 500 hr YTT Yoga Alliance accredited certificate.

Unlike most YTT programs, individuals will come away from this program with ample teaching experience and a breadth of applied and philosophical yoga learning.

Please contact Rua Blount for more information.

There is no set time schedule of classes.

Multiple sections of required classes and electives are run each term. However, some of the speciality courses may only be offered once a year. Ideally, students will be able to take the classes during their university experience when it best meets their needs.

note When registering for classes, make sure the section you select has a YTT designation.

No, unfortunately due to Yoga Alliance stipulations, contact hours with lead teachers must occur in person. There is an exception to this through the end of 2021 due to COVID-19.

The certificate is 33 credits.

  • Tier 1 (200 hr) is 12 credits.
  • Tier 2 (300 hr) is 21 credits.

There is no set requirement for this. However, if students plan to not complete any work on the program over the course of one academic year, it may be assumed that they are no longer pursuing the program. We ask that students keep in contact with us if they plan on taking a leave of absence longer than 3 terms.

Unless otherwise approved, classes taken prior to fall 2018 will not count towards this program. The reason for this is that curriculum standards changed in fall of 2018. It is recommended that students register for the program while enrolled in a class, or prior to enrolling.

Due to Yoga Alliance stipulations, no.

Questions? contact Rua Blount.