What is the Yoga Teacher Training Leadership Program?

In addition to preparing students to teach yoga, our Yoga Teacher Training program provides individuals with hands on leadership training and experience. Students will learn how to apply research based learning theories to their teaching. By learning, reflecting on and implementing such practices students who complete this program will have a set of transferable skills that will better prepare them to teach and be leaders in any industry.


Is OSU Yoga Teacher Training RYS designated?

No, we have selected not to register with the Yoga Alliance.

Although our curriculum exceeds their requirements, including offering 2 credits of teaching experience, the university structure does not easily accommodate Yoga Alliances implementation stipulations which target private studio settings. As such, we have created a unique program that meets the base 200 hour RYS standards, while capitalizing on the strengths of the Oregon State University setting.


How is the Yoga Teacher Training Leadership Program different than other programs?

Unlike most Yoga Teacher Training programs, individuals will come way from this program with ample teaching experience. Teaching experience will be within the university setting, often working with students who are new to yoga. This is a unique opportunity that will prepare OSU Yoga Teacher Training students to teach within a variety of settings. In addition, they will leave with a developed teaching portfolio.


What are the differences in this program versus one at a private yoga studio?

Individuals can be certified to teach yoga in a variety of setting. This includes, but is not limited to, private studios, ashrams, and yoga centers. These programs may be residential or, non-residential. Time to complete the program varies drastically.

The OSU program offers flexibility, affordability, and the added benefit of being hosted within a university setting. Yoga Teacher Training classes can be integrated into students degree program of study and done within their desired timeline. Other than the cost of the PAC class, there are no additional fees for the certification. Students will be responsible for some self-directed learning. A strength of completing the program within the university setting is student have the opportunity to take academic classes to enhance their training, such as: The Science of Happiness, The Psychology of Meditation, Spirituality and Ecology: Green Yoga, Yoga and the Tantric Traditions, Positive Psychology.


Is there more focus on contemporary yoga versus the historical foundation?

The program has a more contemporary foundation, ie: how can we apply ancient concepts to modern life, how can yoga support well-being in our everyday lives?


How do I register?

Visit this link: Register for Yoga Teacher Training Leadership Program


What happens once I register?

You will get a welcome email from the yoga coordinator. We are in the process of developing a canvas Yoga Teacher Training manual. Once ready, you will be added to this. Program updates and communication will be done through this site.


Is there a set schedule of Yoga Teacher Training classes?

There is no set time schedule of classes. Multiple sections of required classes and electives are run each term. However, some of our specialty courses, such as Yoga Workshops, are seasonal and may only be run in the Spring quarter of the academic year. Ideally, students will be able to take the classes during their university experience when it best meets their needs. We also offer some of our select Yoga courses online each term.


How many credit-hours are actually required for this certificate?

The certificate is 10 credits. This loosely translates to 300 credit hours. (ie: 1 credit course = 3 hours). Roughly 60 hours of this is devoted to teaching.


Are there a certain number of elective credit hours that are required?

We require that you take one elective. However, you are welcome to take more. We highly encourage you to expand your experience to include applicable courses in other departments.


Can I take the courses for non-credit or for satisfactory/unsatisfactory?

All classes are offered non-credit and can be applied to the Yoga Teacher Training program. Classes can be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. However, it is required that students earn a B or above in the course to apply towards certification.


Is this program available for community members who are seeking only the certificate and not the college credit? If so, how would do you register?

Currently the certification is only open to the OSU community. This means students of the program need to be in relationship with OSU in some form. Individuals may be retires, affiliates, partners/spouses, students, faculty, or staff. At this time, if you are a member of the broader Corvallis community, the program is not available for you.


What does KIN 230 cover and do I have to take it?

Students will be introduced to the four core learning theories for the program. This is also where students will be introduced to our online interactive tracking and progress system. This is a self-report system that tracks your training, competencies, reflection, and teaching experiences. It will help to provide a current and extensive portfolio of all your training once you have completed the program.All competencies/requirements are tracked within this system. The course material is expected to be broad and reflect our leadership emphasis across all leadership certificate training programs. The material will be tied into your teaching practicum. For example, how to encourage growth mindset in your students.


What are the 4 Core Learning Theories?

We utilize Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory, Growth Mindset Theory, The Accident Potential Model, and Situational Leadership Theory as tools to provide a framework for aspiring students to integrate into their teaching and beyond.


How many credits of PAC 299 will I take? Why do I have to take it 2x?

You will take 2 credits of PAC 299. The first time you take this course you will be shadowing and assisting in a PAC yoga class. The second time you take this course you will act as a lead teacher within a PAC yoga class.


What is PAC 297?

The yoga workshops (PAC 297) meet 4x a term on Saturdays. Each weekend is around 4hr workshop that will cover topics specific to the Yoga Teacher Training certification, as well as contemporary yoga topics.


  Questions? contact Erin Mitchell.