OSU PAC SCUBA Divemaster Leadership Program

  • Dive instructor related theory
  • Dive leader training & practice
  • PADI Divemaster Certification

The PAC SCUBA Divemaster Leadership Program will prepare you to work in the SCUBA industry or advance your career in scientific research.


Program Cornerstones

  • Guided Teaching Experience
  • Fostering decision making skills for different skill levels
  • Encouraging role model behavior through demonstration of good dive skills
  • Emphasis on risk management
  • Minimum 125 Dives


Program Requirements


  • SCUBA Open Water Certification | PAC 242




Level II

  • Complete 5 Specialty Dive Areas
    • SCUBA Special Topics | PAC 245, Altitude Diver*, AWARE Fish ID, Boat Diver, Cavern Diver, Deep Diver*, Distinctive Specialty Diver, DPV Diver, Drift Diver*, Drysuit Diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Equipment Specialist*, Navigation Diver, Night Diver*, Nitrox Diver*, Search and Recovery Diver, Sidemount, Underwater Naturalist, Underwater Photography*, Underwater Propulsion*, Underwater video, Wreck Diver.
      • *Courses seasonally offered by PAC
      • Certifications obtained outside OSU will fulfill requirements
  • Apply for PADI Master SCUBA Diver Certification
  • Air Fill Training
  • Equipment Check In/Out Training
  • 100 dives minimum


Level III

  • Discover SCUBA Diving Leader
  • Discover Local Diving Leader
  • Tank Inspection Training
  • Equipment Service Training
  • 125 dives minimum


Contact Information

General Information
Physical Activity Course Office, pac.fsf@oregonstate.edu

PAC Scuba Divemaster Leadership Program
Cressey Merrill, merrille@oregonstate.edu


Please visit the OSU Academic and Recreational Dive Center for more information about additional SCUBA opportunities.