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Media contact

The College of Health works closely with OSU News & Communications.

Journalists seeking expert sources for stories should contact Molly Rosbach at 541-737-0783 or


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Faculty and students contribute to our knowledge and understanding of public health and the human sciences. Engaged scholars, they bring recognition and awareness that create healthier people and communities. Read about their impact in Synergies.


Expert directory for the media

World-leading researchers study people across their lives and address current and emerging public health and societal challenges. They bring expertise in:

  • Health systems reform and health policy
  • Healthy developmental processes and transitions across the lifespan
  • Impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health
  • Optimal health through nutrition and physical activity
  • Predictors and consequences of chronic diseases and the promotion of healthy behaviors

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Use the drop-down to select one of the college's signature areas of research to see faculty primarily associated in that area. Due to our interdisciplinary tenancies, many faculty could belong to multiple categories, but we have limited everyone to only one primary area for their research foci.