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Faculty and students contribute to our knowledge and understanding of public health and the human sciences. Engaged scholars, they bring recognition and awareness that create healthier people and communities. Read about their impact in Synergies.

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World-leading researchers study people across their lives and address current and emerging public health and societal challenges. They bring expertise in:

  • Health systems reform and health policy
  • Healthy developmental processes and transitions across the lifespan
  • Impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health
  • Optimal health through nutrition and physical activity
  • Predictors and consequences of chronic diseases and the promotion of healthy behaviors

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Use the drop-down to select one of the college's signature areas of research to see faculty primarily associated in that area. Due to our interdisciplinary tenancies, many faculty could belong to multiple categories, but we have limited everyone to only one primary area for their research foci.

    • Adolescent development
    • Youth programs
    • Program evaluation

    Positive youth development in applied settings with a focus on youth programs as developmental contexts that support thriving.

    • Genetic association study
    • Big data analysis
    • Analysis of correlated data
    • Survey data

    Harold’s research is focused on statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology.  His primary research goal is to understand the genetic architecture of human extreme longevity and sub-phenotypes of longevity and to develop advanced statistical… see full profile

    • Health economics
    • Health policy
    • Health politics

    General research interests include the labor market effects of physical and mental health status, the relationship between place and obesity, the causes of hunger and food insecurity and the effect of poverty and rural location on health.

    • Epidemiology
    • Health impact of climate change
    • Disaster preparedness
    • Infectious diseases

    My research focuses on building adaptive capacity to address the health impacts of infectious disease outbreaks and natural hazards, particularly among vulnerable populations. Specifically, I examine how the distribution and determinants of vector-… see full profile

    • Epidemiology
    • Maternity care
    • Midwifery
    • Physical activity during pregnancy / postpartum
    • Doulas / traditional health workers

    My research focuses on US maternity care, particularly midwifery and community birth for low-risk women. I am also interested in physical activity during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and potential effects on maternal outcomes.

    • environmental exposures
    • air pollution
    • health outcomes
    • cardiometabolic risk factors and diseases

    Matt Bozigar is an environmental epidemiologist with a multidisciplinary background. He studies multiple adverse environmental exposures (e.g., noise, air pollution, aeroallergens, radon) and health outcomes (e.g., asthma, cancer, cardiometabolic… see full profile

    • Bayesian statistics
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Epidemiology

    Bayesian nonparametric and semiparametric modeling, medical test evaluation, bone health, kidney disease

    • Program and policy evaluation
    • Tobacco prevention and control
    • Design of health interventions
    • Adolescent health

    Marc's research interests include adolescent health; health promotion theory and health interventions; smoking prevention and control; tobacco policy; program evaluation design and analysis; and design and delivery of community programs.

    • Nutrition and diet
    • Antioxidants and gene expressions
    • Diabetes

    Evaluation of alternative protein sources, such as ocean-based underutilized discarded fish (by-catch), as a feasible, environmentally sustainable protein supplement to combat childhood malnutrition globally. Antioxidants and free radical metabolism… see full profile

    • Food insecurity
    • Poverty
    • Health disparities
    • Well-being of immigrants

    Doris' research — which is at the intersection of human development, family science, and public health — is focused on issues such as food insecurity, poverty, health disparities, and the well-being of immigrants.

    • Sport and exercise psychology
    • Sociology of sport
    • Kinesiology
    • Physical activity education

    Not accepting PhD or MS students Psycho-social and socio-cultural aspects of health and physical activity.

    • Work-family interactions
    • Working parents
    • Family processes
    • Family policies
    • Family well-being

    Kelly applies a work-family justice lens to understand the diversity of lived experiences of adults at work, at home, and in their work-family integration. She studies how job conditions, workplace culture, and work-family policies affect the health… see full profile

    • Health system finance
    • International development
    • Universal health care
    • Governance of health systems
    • Equity in health care

    Equitable and sustainable health development for low-income nations; health systems finance; national health care systems and universal health care; evaluating equity and efficiency (extra-welfarism) in health care services and system finance;… see full profile

    • Biomechanics
    • Sports Injury
    • Balance and gait analysis
    • Chronic and overuse Injury
    • Ankle instability

    Cathy’s research focuses on postural stability and human motion deficits in the physically active with lower extremity joint instability and chronic injuries. She works to determine mechanisms for injury and biomechanical characteristics that can… see full profile

    • Milk
    • Peptide
    • Protein
    • Bioactive
    • Mass spectrometry

    The overall aim of my research is to identify novel, evolutionarily relevant bioactive compounds in human and bovine milk and the extent to which they survive throughout the digestive system. In particular, I am interested in bioactive milk… see full profile

    • Implementation science
    • Health disparities
    • Youth
    • Sexually transmitted infections
    • Evidence-based interventions

    Dr. Dolcini’s research program addresses basic, intervention, and implementation science issues in public health, with a strong focus on health disparities and on youth. Her primary area of expertise is in infectious diseases, including HIV and… see full profile

    • Global health disparities
    • HIV prevention
    • HCV treatment access
    • Social isolation
    • Qualitative research

    Jonathan Garcia received his doctorate from Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University and postdoctoral training at the Yale School of Public Health. He uses innovative and participatory methods to develop public health interventions and… see full profile

    • Positive youth development
    • Self-regulation
    • International research
    • Measurement
    • Quantitative methods

    My research focuses on the development of self-regulation across the lifespan and the relationship between intentional self-regulation and positive developmental outcomes (especially Positive Youth Development). Because of the contextualized nature… see full profile

    • Mixed methods
    • Reproductive health
    • Cancer survivorship
    • Health communication
    • Community-engaged research

    Dr. Gorman leads a robust community-engaged research program that integrates qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate multi-level factors contributing to healthcare experiences and quality of life outcomes, with a substantial focus… see full profile

    • Promotion of physical activity
    • Obesity prevention
    • Skeletal health
    • Community-based research

    My current research and practice efforts focus on developing and evaluating physical activity promotion strategies. Most of my work involves partnering with organizations such as Cooperative Extension, state agencies, or community groups to expand,… see full profile

    • Sexual and reproductive health
    • Young adults
    • Health policy and reform
    • Mixed methods

    Marie is a public health researcher with 35 years of experience conducting research focused on the behavioral, contextual, and policy aspects of unintended pregnancy, sexual behavior, and abortion among diverse populations of young adults. The goal… see full profile

    • Early childhood education
    • Teacher-child relationships
    • Research to practice / policy
    • Child stress and behavior
    • Professional development for teachers

    Bridget is interested in teacher- and parent-child relationships in early childhood, children’s stress and school readiness skills, quality of early childhood education, teacher professional development, & implications for policy.

    • Nutrition and cancer
    • Nutrient-gene interactions
    • Phytochemicals
    • Zinc
    • Inflammation

    Research interests are in the area of antioxidants and gene expression and dietary chemoprevention strategies. I am currently interested in understanding the role of the antioxidant nutrients such as zinc in maintaining DNA integrity and cancer… see full profile

    • Sport injury prevention
    • Human sensory and motor systems
    • Neuroscience

    Understanding and improving factors influencing the health, wellness, and safety of wildland firefighters.  More specifically, this work is currently focused on the medical services provided to wildland fire personnel working on large scale… see full profile

    • Quality, access, and cost of healthcare
    • Care coordination
    • Veterans health
    • Health data science
    • Implementation science

    Innovative approaches to improve health care quality, access, and costs, with special interest in health and healthcare of US Veterans. Database and informatics methods to support research and evaluation of healthcare interventions and programs.

    • Environmental epidemiology
    • Spatial health
    • Air pollution
    • Built environment
    • Climate change

    I lead the Spatial Health Lab at OSU that examines the connections between place and human health and well-being. My research focuses broadly on environmental exposure assessment and epidemiology – with applications to air pollution, healthy built… see full profile

    • Behavior change strategies
    • Program implementation and evaluation
    • Transparency in science and medical reporting
    • Health literacy and patient navigation
    • Risk perception and cancer

    Dr. Irvin’s experience spans more than 15 years and she uses a community-engaged approach to develop, implement and evaluate behavior change programs across a comprehensive list of health priorities (e.g., smoking, nutrition, physical activity,… see full profile

    • Bone health
    • Energy metabolism
    • Alcohol
    • Spaceflight
    • Osteommunology

    Current research foci include: 1) Neuroendocrine regulation of body weight and bone metabolism. 2) Nutrition as a factor in tumor metastasis to bone. 3) Regulation of stromal (stem) cell differentiation into bone cells and fat cells.

    • Social emotional wellbeing
    • Rural populations and places
    • Participatory research
    • Community mapping
    • Mixed methods

    Not accepting PhD students Accepting MS students My research integrates psychosocial and behavioral kinesiology with environmental public health sciences, particularly studying healthy lifestyle behaviors and health equity in diverse populations in… see full profile

    • Injury prevention
    • Rehabilitation of athletic injuries
    • Nervous system and movement

    Understanding how the nervous system controls and coordinates movement; Development of strategies in prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and other pathologies. Increasing implementation of best practice guidelines for injury… see full profile

    • Molecular and biochemical nutrition
    • Dietary fat
    • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • Diabetes & obesity
    • Fatty liver disease

    My colleagues and I, in the Molecular Nutrition and Diabetes Research lab, investigate the molecular and metabolic basis of complications associated with obesity and diabetes. Our current focus is on the role diet plays in the onset and progression… see full profile

    • Global health
    • Community-based participatory research methods
    • Sexual and reproductive health in youth
    • South Asia and Botswana

    Sunil is internationally known for his research in the field of global health. He has worked on examining how inclusive, participatory, empowering, and sustainable strategies to engage communities in Botswana and India can lead to decolonization of… see full profile

    • Environmental epidemiology
    • Chemical exposures
    • Risk assessment
    • Community-based research
    • Children

    I am an environmental epidemiologist focused on understanding the health impacts related to early life exposure to chemical contaminants. I am also interested in identifying social and host factors (e.g. genetics, epigenetics, and microbiome) that… see full profile

    • Occupational biomechanics
    • Ergonomics
    • Exoskeletons
    • Whole-body vibration
    • Human-computer interactions
    • Injury prevention

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    • Health care delivery systems
    • Aging
    • End-of-life care
    • Serious illness care
    • Racial disparities in healthcare

    Health care system reforms; alternative payment and delivery models for persons with serious illnesses; end-of-life discussions and end-of-life care delivery; palliative and hospice care; health outcome studies; policy evaluation; integration of… see full profile

    • Occupational safety
    • Ergonomics
    • Physical agents
    • Injury prevention

    Laurel's research focuses on quantifying, communicating, and controlling occupational and environmental exposures to health and safety hazards with the goal to reduce adverse health outcomes. She is the Principal or co-Investigator on several NIH… see full profile

    • Child Welfare and Child Well-Being Systems and Policies
    • Mental and Behavioral Health of Youth
    • Youth’s Relationships with Caring and Caregiving Adults

    Brianne's research interests involve better understanding resilience-promoting factors and developing interventions that improve well-being for children, youth and families. She teaches courses in child and adolescent development, family studies,… see full profile

    • Innovative tech to study environment's health impact
    • Methods to assess environmental exposure for health
    • Interface design affects on risk perception and communication

    Andy Larkin is an Assistant Research Professor in the Spatial Health Lab within the College of Health. His research focuses on the intersections of environmental epidemiology with new technologies and big data, including developing smartphone… see full profile

    • Cost-effectiveness analysis
    • Patient-centered care
    • Innovative health care delivery and financing
    • Health insurance and health outcomes

    The overall goal of Dr. Li’s research is to improve the cost-effectiveness of health care through interdisciplinary and patient-centric mechanisms. His research expertise focuses on implementing economic evaluation methods to advance value-based… see full profile

    • Young children and families
    • Program evaluation
    • Early learning
    • Resilience

    Shannon conducts research to identify effective ways of building resilience among young children and families facing adversity. Key areas of focus include: (1) the role of early childhood education in the lives of children involved in child welfare… see full profile

    • Young children
    • Disability
    • Mobility
    • Assistive technology
    • Play and social behaviors

    Accepting PhD students Not accepting MS students Sam's research agenda focuses on the health and well-being of typically developing children and children with disabilities, with recent work emphasizing the role of independent mobility in the… see full profile

    • Health policy and reform
    • Health care delivery systems
    • Policy analysis
    • Quality of care

    Jeff Luck's research focuses on performance of health care delivery systems and public health agencies, population health data for management and policy analysis, measuring and improving the quality of care, and implementation of new management… see full profile

    • Adapted Physical Activity
    • Children with disabilities
    • Early childhood

    Movement and physical activity are essential components in a healthy lifestyle for individuals at any age and ability. My research interests are related to how motor skills and physically active lifestyles improve the lives of children and youth… see full profile

    • Rural families
    • Community effects
    • Poverty
    • Youth development
    • Housing

    Kate's research centers on examining how small towns and rural places function for the children and families who call them home. Since 1997, she has been examining contextual factors that shape developmental pathways for children and youth in the… see full profile

    • School recess
    • Sport-based youth development
    • Social and emotional health

    Dr. Massey’s line of research focuses on the intersection of play, physical activity, and child development. His current line of research is dedicated to understanding how recess quality impacts healthy development in elementary school-aged children… see full profile

    • Child development
    • Self-regulation
    • School readiness
    • Executive function
    • Translation and dissemination

    My research is broadly focused on optimizing children's development, especially as it relates to social and cognitive development and school success. In general, I am interested in the importance of children's self-regulation, executive function,… see full profile

    • Cancer health disparities
    • Latino health
    • Cancer screening
    • Intervention development

    Dr. Mojica conducts health services research and program evaluation in cancer prevention and control among ethnic minority and underserved populations, particularly Latinos. Her research engages community-based organizations, health centers, and… see full profile

    • Environmental health modeling
    • Bayesian methods
    • Data science
    • Multi-level modeling

    Bayesian methods, latent variable modeling, measurement error models, spatial modeling, genetic epidemiology, and Markov Chain Monte Carol estimation methods

    • Place-based health promotion
    • Tobacco prevention
    • Healthy eating
    • Dissemination and implementation
    • Health policy

    Health promotion/health behavior; health systems and policy; community engagement; behavioral health; health system and co extension partnerships.

    • Skeletal muscle metabolism
    • Obesity and type 2 diabetes
    • Physical activity and exercise
    • Insulin sensitivity

    Obesity increases risk for numerous metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, and even certain forms of cancer. Much of this increased risk is mediated by a resistance to the normal actions of insulin (i.e. insulin resistance), and related… see full profile

    • ACL injury
    • Sports injury prevention
    • Biomechanics
    • Sports medicine

    Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, which often occurs during cutting or landing from a jump, negatively impacts physical activity both acutely and across the lifespan due to early-onset osteoarthritis. However, the precise mechanism of injury… see full profile

    • Biomechanics
    • Fall prevention
    • Exercise and osteoporosis
    • Older adults
    • People with disabilities

    Accepting both PhD and MS students Clinical and ergonomic applications of biomechanics to older adults and people with disabilities. Research aimed at preventing falls and fractures is examining factors that affect a person’s ability to recover… see full profile

    • Human performance
    • Exercise physiology
    • Exercise testing

    Not accepting PhD or MS students My research centers on problems of human performance, both in athletics and activities of daily living. I am particularly interested in improving field tests of human performance so that criterion measures can be… see full profile

    • Neuromuscular coordination patterns
    • Proprioception and virtual reality applications to human performance
    • Successful aging and injury prevention

    Hamstring preactivation in jump landings, shoulder proprioception, lower extremity neuromuscular coordination in jump landings.

    • Adapted Physical Activity
    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Motor Development
    • Obesity

    Accepting both PhD and MS students Andrew's research focuses on the physical activity, physical fitness, motor behavior, and health of individuals with developmental disabilities across the lifespan. He works to systematically examine health… see full profile

    • Injury prevention
    • Lower extremity injuries
    • Rehabilitation programs

    Not accepting PhD or MS students Christine's research is dedicated to improving the scientific understanding of lower extremity injuries, and advancing injury-prevention and rehabilitation programs based on this knowledge. Her research is primarily… see full profile

    • Child care policy
    • Early learning

    Megan Pratt coordinates the Oregon Child Care Research Partnership, which serves two primary functions: 1) to conduct research related to child care and education policy of interest to local and state partners; and 2) to convene a virtual… see full profile

    • Access to care
    • Vulnerable populations
    • Health insurance
    • Health policy

    Differences in access to care and health outcomes based on social standing.

    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Aging
    • Muscle
    • Exercise

    Accepting PhD students Not accepting MS students Understanding mitochondrial protein turnover and respiration during pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes and related metabolic disorders.

    • Research translation
    • Indigenous health
    • Disaster research
    • Environmental health literacy

    Dr. Rohlman is an Associate Research Professor who is studying the role of environmental health literacy in helping communities better frame and respond to environmental health hazards. In a project with the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community,… see full profile

    • Methylmercury
    • Metals
    • Maternal-child health
    • Environmental exposure
    • Microbiome

    Dr. Rothenberg's research uses a multidisciplinary framework, including environmental monitoring, risk assessment, and epidemiologic studies, to fully understand the dynamics of mercury cycling and methylmercury exposure. She also investigates… see full profile

    • Poverty
    • Families
    • Family policy
    • Rural
    • Inequality

    My broad research interests include poverty, families, and social policy. In this work I aim to understand the mechanisms driving social and economic inequalities. I am currently researching child poverty across countries and over time, poverty… see full profile

    • Tobacco
    • E-cigarettes / Vapes
    • Health disparities
    • Mixed methods
    • Youth and young adults

    Research focuses on race/ethnic disparities, particularly as it relates to tobacco use, including new and emerging products and other substances. Other areas of interest and experience are in co-parenting, sibling, obesity prevention, and substance… see full profile

    • Measurement of physical activity
    • Sedentary behavior
    • Automated technology
    • Behavior epidemiology

    Not accepting PhD or MS students Dr. Schuna is a physical activity assessment, epidemiology, and intervention scientist seeking to expand our understanding of physical activity’s health benefits and its associations with other health parameters (e.… see full profile

    • Personality
    • Self-regulation
    • Health

    My research primarily addresses the interactions among psychological, cognitive, immunological, and physical health in older adults. For example, how does personality affect risk for Alzheimer’s disease? How do psychosocial resources affect… see full profile

    • Life course and aging
    • Life transitions
    • Generations
    • Young adults
    • Family / social policy

    The life course; age and aging; transitions; social relationships; historical experiences and social change; parenthood and family life; social policy.

    • Nutritional epidemiology
    • Chronic disease and HIV infection
    • Health disparities
    • Public health surveillance methods

    Dr. Smit is a nutritional epidemiologist. Her research is focused on diet, metabolism, and physical activity in relation to both chronic disease and HIV infection in diverse populations. Studies include cohort designs, multi-center studies, survey… see full profile

    • Cancer epidemiology
    • Nutrition
    • Molecular epidemiology
    • Middle-aged and older adults
    • Systematic review and meta-analysis

    Dr. Takata is a nutritional epidemiologist and her research focuses on the etiological roles of nutritional factors in cancer and chronic disease.

    • Parenting
    • Early childhood
    • Mental health
    • Self-regulation
    • Professional development

    My research focuses broadly on social and emotional learning (SEL) for children, youth, and adults. As a former practitioner and family services professional, I blend practical experience with research to develop and test programs focused on the… see full profile

    • Antioxidants
    • Lipoprotein metabolism
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Vitamin E deficiency
    • Vaping

    Dr. Maret Traber is considered one of the world’s experts on vitamin E. Her research efforts are focused on the physiological properties of vitamin E, especially human vitamin E kinetics and the factors that modulate human vitamin E requirements,… see full profile

    • Life-long skeletal health
    • Exercise and nutrition
    • Prevention
    • Gravitational physiology
    • Etiology

    My research focuses on gravitational physiology, etiology and treatment of osteoporosis, osteoimmunology, and renal osteodystrophy. The most common reason why we seek medical attention is that something is wrong with our skeleton. Healthy muscle,… see full profile

    • Occupational safety
    • Safety business case
    • Safety strategy
    • Safety management

    Research interests are related to strategic management and economic aspects of the environmental, safety and health function within private and public sector firms. Safety and environmental health management, financial and economic justification,… see full profile

    • Assessment in physical education
    • Physical activity and learning
    • Inclusive physical education

    Not accepting PhD students Accepting MS students Assessment in physical education, mentoring student teachers, and the effects of physical activity on learning.

    • Health promotion
    • Exercise psychology
    • Physical activity for postpartum women

    Not accepting PhD or MS students Dr. Woekel’s research and teaching interests focus on psychosocial aspects for promoting healthy behavior change in physical activity, nutrition, and mental health.  She emphasizes practical strategies to… see full profile

    • Nutrition education
    • Childhood obesity prevention
    • Dietary assessment methods
    • Learning games
    • Innovation skill building

    Siew Sun earned her doctorate degree in Nutrition and Food Sciences with an emphasis on Community Nutrition and Epidemiology at Utah State University. Her research areas are obesity prevention and youth calcium consumption. Her interests include… see full profile