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We prepare the next generation of globally aware problem-solvers and seek to understand and confront health disparity to improve the health and well-being of all people, at every stage of life.

A soft place to land

Trailblazer left everything – to be part of something

OCHI Director Allison Myers reflects on the center's success, including a mental health initiative, a food security project, COVID-19 outreach and receiving OPHA's emerging leader award.

Time-specific safety interventions needed to improve construction worker safety

Workers in the construction industry are most likely to suffer traumatic injuries during the first four hours of their shift, and those who work evening or night shifts experience more severe injuries than their day-shift counterparts.

Youth with autism see sharp decline in physical activity between ages 9-13

Study has found that to best help kids with autism maintain healthy rates of physical activity, interventions should be targeted during the ages of 9 to 13, as that’s when kids show the biggest drop in active time.

Sigrid Jenniska Asseko

Sigrid Jenniska Asseko
PhD candidate in public health
Environmental and Occupational Health

“The ocean is made of water drops. If everyone can contribute a little bit of knowledge, we can create that ocean of information and maybe one day effectively reduce environmental pollution and protect people’s health.”


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On campus or online, our nearly 2,400 students come from across the nation and around the globe. More than 32% represent as a minority.

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