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With more than 26,000 alumni across the globe, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences carries out its vision of ensuring the lifelong health and well-being of every person, every family and every community through its most important asset — you!

Learn or brush up on career skills, attend an event, mentor a CPHHS student, volunteer and connect with the college and each other online.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, you will always have this place, this college, this university to call your own. In addition to the events and programming offered through the OSU Alumni Association, there are a number of ways to nurture those ties.

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There are many opportunities to reconnect with your alma mater. Numerous events are held by the OSUAA and college every year, including Ovation and Golden Jubilee.


Share your experience and insights with future professionals, grow your own leadership and mentoring skills, and get exposed to new ideas in your field by mentoring a CPHHS student. Learn more about the CPHHS Catalyst program.


Alumni and friends of the college can make a significant impact on our students by sharing their expertise and giving their time. Here are a few examples of ways to volunteer.

Diversity and inclusion in higher education

2020 Alumni Fellows Conversations with OSU Influencers

Rebecca Hernandez, Ph.D. ’05


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Casey Farm '05

Casey Farm '05

Director of Alumni Relations
College of Public Health and Human Sciences