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Oregon State engages audiences through a number of social media outlets and so does the CPHHS.

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Value of social media in higher education

Not convinced you need an account or regular social media presence? Read on to learn more about the value of social media, marketing and communications in higher ed.

Speeding Up Science is a video profiling an Oregon State University ichthyologist's use of social media to collaborate with his peers around the world.

"The fact that we can spend just a little part of our days interacting with each other builds a personal connection that I think is an important part of the networking that's at the center of the scientific enterprise." - Brian Sidlauskas, PhD

 "Scientific American" has a five-part series called Social Media for Scientists

Science and the Public - Why every lab should Tweet is a companion slideshow to the Social Media for Scientists series and is about more than Twitter. We consider it a personal favor if you take a few minutes to look through this one.

As students scatter online, colleges try to keep up focuses on the difficulty in communicating with students given the fragmentation of messaging tools.

It's time for scientists to tweet covers the role Twitter plays in the lifetime of a scientific idea, from birth to dissemination, based on a survey of 116 marine scientists who actively Tweet.


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Does your LinkedIn profile need a makeover, but you’re not sure where to start? Watch Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile by CPHHS Marketing and Communications on what areas of your LinkedIn profile are most important for higher education professionals and how you can use it to grow your network.