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How to promote your hard work

   Make a project request

We all play a role in creating awareness and visibility for the college.

Below are some helpful guidelines and ideas to get you started.

When in doubt, complete a project request form. This ensures we have all the information we need to create and deliver the best product possible quickly and efficiently.

Promoting your study or book

Working with journalists and the media

  • Email Molly Rosbach and let her know you are interested in media training.
  • Important: Affiliate with Oregon State University first, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences second, and your school third. Keep in mind that reporters likely will use only one and we want to increase the chances of a direct tie to the institution.
  • Review our news services page for more information. 

Sharing news of your achievements or your students’ success

Ways to promote events, courses, minors and programs

Please note:

OSU News & Communications does not write or send news releases for events. The only exception is if we’re bringing in a nationally recognized speaker and/or the topic is of current interest and part of a larger, national conversation.

Add an event to the Gazette-Times

To submit an event, go to the Gazette-Time’s form and create a free account; confirm your account and set up a password. On the submissions page, create your event and fill in all relevant details.

Recruiting study participants

Hosting and participating in conferences/presentations or tabling events

  • Submit a project request and ask for a tablecloth, banner, promotional materials, swag, decorations, print materials, etc.
  • Use branded PowerPoint slides that include the name of our university and college. If you need help, submit a project request.
  • Use branded scientific poster templates that include the name of our university and college. If you need help, submit a project request.
  • Conference Services can help with all aspects of an event, from registration to set up. Cost is dependent on the services you require.

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Do you have an idea but aren’t sure what you need?

  • Request a consulting session by submitting a project request. We’ll help you figure out how best to achieve your goals.

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