Interested in having a lab, project or research group website? Contact Alan to set up a content planning meeting.

The primary uses of lab or research group sites are talent and funding recruitment. and providing funding agencies info on your past grants/work or to post info required by funding agencies. It also lists the services your lab or group provide.

Some example CPHHS lab sites include:


Default information

We can create any pages needed for a lab site, but the suggested pages or sections are:

Landing page

Your main page. This establishes in a brief web-appropriate style what your lab does. It also is the place to funnel your users to the content you want and highlight your recent work.



On the research section you can go into more detail about your research in general as well as more specifically describe and showcase your current and past projects. For instance Perry Hystad's research section has a separate page for each research area such as "Rural Health" and "Greenness and Health".



A listing of selected pubs related to the lab. As with profile page publication listings, these will need to be edited by Alan. Just send him the journal title, DOI and if available the PubMedID number.



Showcase your team. Especially your students.


Resources and equipment

If appropriate for your lab and recruiting talent or funds, list what you've got.


Contact and opportunities

Main lab contact (although this can be listed elsewhere). The opportunities are for current open postilions in the lab and for study participant recruitment.

Individual study recruitment can be standalone pages as well.
Standalone recruitment page examples:


News and events

There are a few ways to display this. It's possible to just list as part of the landing page - or as its own page. But in general the info is important to display.