Download marketing materials

College of Health

Marketing and Communications

Although Oregon State University has a collection of templates that can be customized for print, web and video, check below first to download College of Health specific files.

Course advertisement

Model release

If you are taking photos of students, download, print and ask students to sign the Oregon State Model Release. Faculty and staff do not need to sign this form.



Short form for individual subject


Long form for group

Research posters

The following OSU templates have been customized to reflect our college. If these don't meet your needs, please complete a project request form and we'll create a new template that does.


A number of templates are available to help you in developing presentations, fliers and other materials. If you need letterhead, business cards, envelopes, note cards, etc., see OSU Printing & Mailing or call/email Kathryn at 7-6612 for guidance.


PowerPoint presentation



Two formats depending on design application you have.
There are several different flier templates in each.
The pink color in the templates is an image placeholder. There shouldn't be pink in your final product.



(for fliers, not for presentations)


Schools and units should download the college letterhead and modify the information on the righthand side to reflect pertinent information.

The college logo is not to be removed.





College logo

It’s important that you read the instructions on URM’s brand site for companion logo usage before downloading and using logos. Call or email Kathryn with any questions.

Note: Please do not alter the logo or add any more logos.
If you need to recognize a specific program, center or external partner, you can do that in the text at the top and/or in the signature at the bottom. If you need to add a second signature line, make sure to provide adequate distance between it and the logo.

Center logos

Center logos have limited usage. They may be used on internal communication and swag; however, templates should be followed if they are available. This includes fliers, PowerPoint, posters, etc. On items for which there is no template, please try to add the college name to the piece whenever possible, but do not try to make the name look like it's part of the logo. When in doubt, please contact Kathryn.


The new fonts are a little trickier to use than in the past. BEFORE you download OSU fonts on URM’s page for typography, FIRST read these instructions.

Note: There are alternatives already on your machine.

  • Verdana is the substitute for Kievit. To be used on body copy ONLY.
  • Georgia is our serif font. It is best suited for headlines and subheads, and should NOT be used for body copy.
  • Impact and Verdana are OK replacements for Stratum. This is for headlines 18 points or larger.

Certificate of Completion and In Appreciation certificates

Zoom backgrounds

ONID login required. COH Zoom and Teams backgrounds.

Personal pronouns in Zoom

Don't forget to add your personal pronouns. Open Zoom and click on your icon/photo in the top right corner. It will prompt you to log in/authenticate. On the page that opens, click on “edit” to the right of your name/photo/icon. For your first name, enter your full name. For the last name, enter your personal pronouns. Save. That’s it!