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Profile pages

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Profiles are the primary way to showcase your expertise and your work.

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First impressions matter

Your profile page is the top result when colleagues, potential grad students and reporters search for you. It also acts as a hub for visitors to see links to your lab sites, ResearchGate profile, CV and book websites.

Your profile page builds awareness for you and your work and contributes to your personal reputation.

If you are starting from scratch, please complete the project request form with at least the minimal profile info listed below.

If you already have a profile page and just want to update/modify some info – simply let us know through the project request form. Out-of-date information is worse than no information at all.

Available fields

The profile page is database driven. There are a limited handful of data and file fields to use. The available fields cover most needs. If needed there is a "spotlight" field that can include content not available in other fields. Unfortunately, their location on the page cannot be changed.

Minimal profile page

These fields should be considered the minimal amount required for a profile page:

  • Preferred name with all your credentials such as Ph.D.,ScD, MPH, etc.
  • Contact info
  • CV
  • Short paragraph description of current research interests
  • School, program or other affiliations
  • Related websites or other links - such as lab website, ResearchGate, Twitter, Google Scholar

Optimal profile page

In order to maximize your profile page, please make sure you also include:

  • Personal pronouns
  • Biography - a short paragraph about your professional journey to the COH
  • Personal interests - you are more than your work persona
  • In the news - are you mentioned in specific media articles?
  • Spotlight - we can highlight recent books or other content.

Preferred name

Filed under the category "nothing is ever simple". While your preferred name can be easily changed on your profile page, things get a bit more complex when it comes to the Oregon State University directory, your email address and the name displayed with that address. HR has tried to clear things up at Campus Directory Profile: Information for Faculty and Staff.


The option to display your personal pronouns is available. Contact Alan to request. See why pronouns matter.

Degree listings

As per AP style guide. Degrees earned by faculty and displayed with name are listed as follows.

  • listed highest to lowest. Thus Ph.D. is listed before MBA or MPH
  • only highest in a field is listed. Thus if a faculty member has earned both an MPH and Ph.D. in Epi only the Ph.D. is used.

External profile services

Let Alan know if you have created a profile on an external site so he can add it to your college profile page.

Consider using Google Scholar Citations, ResearchGate or ORCID. Each provide a simple way for authors to keep track of article citations. You can check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time and compute several citation metrics. ResearchGate is a great way to support and build your graduate students' professional profiles.