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Web Services

Alan can help with web services, including:

  • Making edits/additions to college web pages located on health.oregonstate.edu
  • Creating lab or research group websites
  • Answering questions about best practices and marketing on the web

Lab or research group sites

Lab and research group sites are excellent tools to recruit talent and funds to your research. Find out how to request one on the lab and research group page.

Research study recruitment

Need to recruit study subjects or individuals to take surveys? See research study recruitment to see examples of current recruitment web pages, social media sharing plans and paid social media campaigns.

Website style guide

Alan has compiled a website style guide list of best practices for writing for the web.

A culture of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion

From the Information Technology Strategic Plan 2023 for Oregon State University.

Our culture grows from our values. Because Oregon State University IT is people, our values must extend beyond the scope of technology — to value people we must also value creating institutional structures and environments that support diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion.

While each of us individually may hold these as personal values, we can only say that our IT community holds these values if we build the structures to support them.

Maintaining a culture of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion requires persistent self-awareness and regular self-examination: we must be keenly aware of homogeneity, inequity and exclusion, and work proactively to reverse policies and practices that enable bias, stigma and discrimination.

We must create a safe platform and all be willing to have difficult conversations, to share our experiences and have a voice, and to know we are safe, respected and heard — and to extend this platform to every single person in the IT community, from our senior leadership all the way through to our student employees.

In advancing equity within our work and our culture, we are advancing excellence and innovation for IT at Oregon State University, for those within IT at the university and for those who IT supports across the university.

Top 10 accessibility mistakes by content authors

Accessibility means all visitors can access and use content regardless of disability. As a federally-funded institution, it is legally required that all our web content be fully accessible - and it's simply the right thing to do. We all have a part to play in fulfilling this obligation. These are the top ten mistakes we see that hurt accessibility.