Work related to grants

Paying for marketing and communications work related to grants

Marketing and Communications

College of Health

What does this include?

If you have included marketing and communications work as part of your research grant or project, we will charge $86/hour for web work and $87/hour for other marketing, which is less than the market rate. If outside services are required, you will be charged the amount we’re charged by the vendor.

Should I include money for marketing and communications work in my grant?

If your request would necessitate work by our team, yes! Please talk with us first to see if we have the capacity and technical ability to complete your request. This primarily includes websites, videos and design work. If we are unable to take on the project, we will direct you to other resources.

Examples of potential MarComm work:

  • Paid social media advertising (staff time and cost of ad)*
  • Drupal websites, web pages and blogs (staff time)
  • Design work
  • Printing costs
  • Training to manage Drupal web pages (staff time)
  • Video

*We ALWAYS charge for paid social media advertising, including time and cost of ads, regardless of whether or not it's part of a grant. Each ad can take up to six hours to create, set up and manage.

What’s NOT included

The MarComm team will continue to write stories and help promote your research online and in print. We will also continue to create sites for labs and provide editing, consulting and project management services at no cost.

Research centers

We will only recoup external costs related to work for centers, which includes outside design services and printing costs. The college MarComm team will continue to maintain center websites and provide editing, consulting and project management services. This applies to CHAR, HFC, MFC and CGH.

If, however, the work is part of a grant, we will charge accordingly.

How do I pay?

We will invoice you. You’ll then need to provide us with the index to charge, and we’ll process payment.

What are the advantages of working with MarComm?

Visibility. Quality work. Timely turnaround. Cost effective. Clear link to the college and university.