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College of Health

What we can do for you

Our photo and video services are tied to college level branding initiatives, recruitment and online content needs.

We may be able to do your project in-house or we may make another recommendation, depending on the nature of the request.

OSU Media Services

If you need a photo or high quality video, especially for use with external media, consider Media Services. They have a studio, experience and good equipment to get you what you need. See their full list of resources. Then submit a request.

Request considerations

Before making a photo or video request, please consider the following:

Lead time

Have you provided enough lead time? Please provide at least a week’s notice for photography requests. If you’re requesting a video, provide at least two months’ notice.

Visually interesting

Is it visually interesting? Standing at a podium does not count as visually interesting (unless you or your speaker is internationally famous).  

Processing time

Keep in mind that processing takes time. Weeks go into video editing and photo processing can take hours.

Available photos

Oregon State has a collection of official OSU photographs at Oregon State Brand.

If you are looking for a photo from a previous photo shoot or event, we invite you to look through the College of Health photo library.

Need a new headshot?

When you need a new headshot, please complete our project request form.

   Make a project request

Photo or video permission

When filming or photographing individuals for marketing purposes, we ask individuals to sign the OSU Model Release Form.

Electronic signing of model releases is available via DocuSign.

  Instructions for DocuSign model release forms

The university requires individuals to sign a model release form when they are photographed, including all Oregon State faculty, staff and students. As a general guide, if you’re taking a picture of a single person or a small group and they’re the main focus of your shot, have them complete and sign a model release form.

For large groups, workshops or events, there is a long form for multiple names. This is the preferred method, particularly if the student is involved, due to FERPA regulations. Consider informing attendees ahead of time when photographs will be taken. As a suggestion, post a sign at the entrance that states, “Photos will be taken at this event and potentially used in Oregon State University promotional materials. By attending this event, you consent to have your photo taken and allow Oregon State University to use these photographs. If you don’t want your photo taken, please let the organizers know.” Always bring model releases (the long form for large groups) to pass around as well.

If you take photos or videos in a public space where individuals don't have a reasonable expectation of privacy, for example in Reser Stadium, you do not need to seek permission from those over 21. However, always get permission from parents of children and let people know that they may be part of the photo or video so they can choose not to participate.