Work with us

Work with us

Office of Physical Activity and Health Programs

Instructors and their student workers, practicum students, TAs and volunteers serve as integral members of the Office of Physical Activity Programs. Recognizing individual interests and abilities, our programs provide courses covering a wide variety of physical activities.

PAC Employment

Specific employment opportunities are listed in individual hiring pools (part-time) by PAC activity area or by specific position (part-time and full-time). Applications to hiring pools are considered throughout the academic year on an as needed basis. Please visit the OSU Jobs website to see job postings.

Please visit the OSU Jobs website to see PAC job postings.

The primary mission of the PAC Program is to provide all Oregon State University students with the knowledge and experience to make sound decisions regarding present and future physically active lifestyles. The intent of the PAC Program is to provide quality instruction in safe, adequately equipped facilities and to create a positive, enjoyable learning environment.  We make an effort to address contemporary trends and student interests. Courses offered through the PAC Program may include but are not limited to classes in the areas of: aquatics, artistic & social dance, fitness development, martial arts, mind/body, outdoor recreation, resistance training, sports, and games.

FSF Employment

Specific employment opportunities for instructors are listed in individual hiring pools (part-time) by FSF activity area. Applications to hiring pools are considered throughout the academic year on an as needed basis.

Please visit the OSU Jobs website to see FSF job postings.

The Faculty Staff Fitness (FSF) program is offered through the College of Public Health & Human Sciences at Oregon State University. The purpose of the program is to enhance the individual health, fitness, and well-being of OSU employees. The FSF program scheduled its first series of activity classes in the spring of 1984, initially offering 10 classes and enrolling 100 participants. The FSF program currently offers 30-40 classes and serves over 800 faculty, staff, graduate assistants, spouses/partners, and retirees of the university each term. Core activities include courses in aerobics, aqua fitness, conditioning, mind/body, and weight training.

PAC & FSF Practicum

PAC and FSF offer a variety of practicum opportunities students. Individual instructors may choose to accept practicum students per term or for the academic year.

For College of Health, please visit internships, practicums, and seminars to contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator for your program.

Please work with the specific instructor to discuss practicum work in their courses.

Instructors accepting practicum students:

Student Employment

Student worker positions (part-time) in PAC and FSF will be posted on an as needed basis. Contact the Director of Physical Activity Programs Katelyn Kirk to propose employment.

Please visit and search by student worker appointments to view posted positions.

Previous Student Positions have included:

  • Student instructor for Gymnastics, Tumbling, Archery, Brazillian Jiujitsu, Hula, Country Western Dance and Country Line Dancing
  • Student worker positions in customer service and marketing
  • Student assistant positions in Learn to Swim for Non-Swimmers courses
  • SCUBA course assistants

Adaptive Exercise Clinic (AEC) Volunteers & Practicum

The Adaptive Exercise Clinic is a part of Faculty Staff Fitness and is open to anyone in the community.

If you are interested in volunteering or earning practicum credit in the AEC, please contact the AEC Lead Instructor Nick Fraser and/or the FSF Coordinator Nicole Kurth.

PAC Volunteers and Teaching Assistants

Individual instructors may choose to utilize volunteer staff, teaching assistants and student teaching assistants. Contact the specific instructor for the course to ask about volunteer opportunities. All volunteers will be required to complete a Volunteer Assumption of Risk and Liability Form.

Courses with TA and volunteer opportunities on an as needed basis:

  • PAC 113 and 114 Badminton
  • PAC 116 and 117 Basketball
  • PAC 121 Billiards
  • PAC 123 and 124 Bowling
  • PAC 127 Fitness Boxing & Conditioning
  • All Partner Dance courses
  • PAC Ballet courses
  • PAC 184, 185, and 186 Golf
  • All Marital Arts courses
  • PAC 197 Pickleball
  • PAC 229, 230, 231, and 233 Soccer
  • PAC 236 Softball & Wiffleball
  • PAC 260 and 261 Tennis
  • PAC 273, 274, 275 Volleyball courses
  • All Resistance Training courses
  • All ALI: Adventure Leadership Institute Outdoor Recreation courses
  • Roller Derby & Skate Skills

FSF Volunteer Instructors

Please contact the FSF Coordinator Nikki Kurth to ask about volunteer instructor opportunities.

Working with ALI: Adventure Leadership Institute

Please contact ALI directly for employment, student worker positions and volunteer opportunities.

Working with KidSpirit

Please contact KidSpirit directly for employment, student worker positions and volunteer opportunities