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Health internships

Internships allow you to test out career options and gain professional experience while in school. They’ll also help you land a job after graduating.

Each undergraduate program within the college has specific courses related to internships.

And each program has an internship advisor dedicated to helping you find an internship. Their job is to help you succeed.

College of Health Internships, practicums and seminars

Application forms, deadlines and information are located on the following pages:

 Experiential Learning Scholarship

The  Experiential Learning Scholarship helps defray expenses of degree-required experiential learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Apply the term before your experience.



Learn more about internships and how to find one through OSU's Career Development Center.

Ryan Kim

Home Life

“I am a Support Living Professional. I assist our clients with fun activities that they want to do with their day and tasks that they cannot do on their own. I helped my local community's disabled population and practiced my interpersonal communication skills.”

Shelby Grove


“Having hands on experience with something that you want to pursue in your future is one of the most important aspects of learning. Being able to intern somewhere that teaches you and values your presence is important for learning where you belong in the industry.”

Hannah Woods

Metropolitan Pediatrics

“Each dietitian's unique perspective and individual style of counseling has not only allowed me to better understand dietetics in general, but has allowed me to better reflect on the kind of dietitian that I want to be.”

Genesis Cruz

Washington County Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
& Maternal Child and Family (MCF)

“My favorite project has been creating a Spanish version of a food sensory wheel for dietitians to use with their high-risk clients. At WIC, I do outreach at the Farmers Market...With MCF, one of my main projects is working on an Education Resource Notebook for our nurses and Family Connects staff.”