KIN 306 & 406 Projects

Experiential Learning in Kinesiology

Design or develop a project related to kinesiology

In conjunction with the Experiential Learning Coordinator or a designated faculty member, students enrolling in one of these courses will engage in designing or developing a project related to KIN.

CPHHS’s IMPACT, IMPACT for Life or Go Baby Go project can be considered for this course.


Contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator to plan your special project and get the form to apply.


Current project courses


KIN 406: Special Projects in Experiential Learning

Projects in this course section can vary. With guidance from the experiential learning coordinator, or other faculty, students may propose a special project specific to their interests in learning outside of the classroom (i.e., teaching assistants and work with extension).  

Credits: Variable


KIN 406: Service Learning

Service learning is offered during the summer term only. Students will engage in a study of common humanity, self-compassion and servant leadership while completing a pre-arranged service project. Students will meet regularly outside of the classroom with summer cohort members to discuss the impact of the service project and personal development topics. Students can expect intensive personal growth with direct application to their professional goals.

Credits: 3


KIN 306: Other Special Projects

This course is arranged between the student and faculty member depending on need. Please contact the experiential learning coordinator for more details, or forms to apply for the course.  

Credits: Variable