Before the internship

Before the internship

Public Health Undergraduate Internships

International internships

If you are interested in international internships, please see IE3 Global for application deadlines, they are typically 2-3 months prior to the internship term of interest.

Competitive Summer and national internships

If you are interested in summer internship programs or national internship programs, including the CDC and the OHSU Summer Administrative Internship, these deadlines are at least 3 months prior to summer.

To do before your internship starts

Step 1

Weeks 1-3 of the term before, or earlier

  • Identify sites of interest if you haven’t already done so

  • Review the suggested site list and internship requirements.

  • Review the Internship Manual before communicating with site.

  • Contact the Undergraduate PH Internship Coordinator, Dr. Elliott, if you need more assistance with finding sites.

Step 2

Weeks 3-5 of the term before

  • Contact sites if you haven’t already done so, if they don’t have an application, use the email draft

  • Have solid resume and cover letter versions, here are Examples of Resume/Cover Letters as a guide.

  • Follow up with sites if you haven’t heard back or it has been awhile

  • Questions? See FAQs

Step 3

Weeks 6-8 of the term before

  • Complete the Learning Agreement Form, General Option, HPHB Option, HMP Option.

  • Email it in pdf, doc, or docx format to Dr. Elliott by Wednesday of Week 8 (if you need more time, email Dr. Elliott before this deadline for an extension).

  • Follow the instructions in the email confirmation that you receive to register, with the CRN you requested. When you register,  you need to manually change it to either 6 or 12 credits.