During and After the Internship

Public Health Undergraduate Internships

To do during your internship

Step 1

Weeks 1-2 during internship

  • Work on your Learning Competency Form, General Option (pdf), HMP Option (pdf) or HPHB Option (pdf).

  • Adjust to internship site

  • Dr. Elliott sends out a welcome email to both you and your preceptor with all of the paperwork deadlines, and schedule times in advance to go over them.

  • Upload your Learning Competency Form by Wednesday of Week 2 in Canvas, if you are splitting your internship, you don’t need to submit one for the second term unless your activities have changed.

  • Start working on your portfolio, General (docx) or Job Track (docx)

Step 2

Weeks 4-5 during internship

  • Work on the Midway Progress Report (pdf) with your preceptor. Upload it to Canvas by Wednesday of Week 5

  • If you will be seeking a job after your internship, discuss jobs with your site, and start looking for jobs, applying, etc. See below for job resources.

  • Upload optional journals weeks 1-5 (docx)

  • Update LinkedIn profile

  • Continue to work on final portfolio

Step 3

Weeks 10-11 during internship

  • Work on the Final Evaluation (pdf) with your preceptor

  • Upload the Final Evaluation and final portfolio to Canvas by Tuesday of Finals Week

  • Upload optional journals weeks 6-10 (docx) by Tuesday of Finals Week.

  • Thank the internship site with a card.