Explore pathways to a job in public health

Public Health Undergraduate Internships

Having an undergraduate degree in public health can help you stand out when applying to jobs in public health fields.

Below are a sample of the jobs our alumni have received after completing their undergraduate public health degree.

Health Promotion and Health Behavior Jobs
  • COVID-19 Case Investigator
  • Public Health Analyst
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Health Navigator
  • Bilingual Public Health Worker II
  • Health Promotion Specialist
Health Management Policy Jobs
  • Office Specialist at clinics
  • Analyst and Managing Consultant  
  • Activities Director at assisted living communities
  • Healthcare Recruiter for assisted living communities
  • Regional Testing Coordinator for hospitals
  • Patient Registration Specialist for hospitals
  • Health/Policy Analyst

First Year at Oregon State

  • Select an option of GENHPHB or HMP
  • Consider minors: Spanish, Business, Psychology
  • Consider double major with: HDFS, Education
  • Or a double option, HMP and HPHB
  • Set up a plan with your academic advisor
  • Get involved in student clubs, organizations, volunteering


Second Year

  • Do Job shadows
  • Do informational interviews
  • Identify careers of interest


Third Year

  • Develop a strong resume and identify faculty or supervisors; key people who can write letters of recommendation
  • Continue to add to resume with involvement, volunteering, exploring internship options


Fourth Year

  • Look into internships that fit with career goals
  • Apply and complete internship while applying for jobs