Overview of courses in Human Services option

The Human Services option will be fully available online starting in Summer 2024.

Required applied courses for HDFS/Human Services

Human Development and Family Sciences undergraduate program


  To be taken in this order (each is a prerequisite of the next).


HDFS 262—Introduction to Human Services

3 Credits

An exploration of the human services profession. Emphasis on prevention and early intervention concepts and programs. Development of internship search skills, including an introduction to a wide range of human services organizations.

  • Offered on Corvallis campus in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.
  • Offered through Ecampus every term.
  • Open to all majors

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HDFS 310—Human Services Practicum

4 Credits

Field experience to learn, primarily through observation, how to apply human service strategies and skills to helping individuals and families served by professional agencies and organizations. Supervision by agency and instructor. Requires 90 hours of work on-site. Accompanying coursework introduces basic theories and skills through readings, discussion, and reflective exercises. Corvallis section of the course will meet on campus one time per week, with remaining course content completed in Canvas. Ecampus course content will be available exclusively online in Canvas. Students have the option to take this course, engaging with a different internship site each time, for a total of two terms (maximum 8 credits).

  • Prereqs: HDFS 262.
  • Override required to register.
  • Offered on Corvallis campus in Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.
  • Offered through Ecampus every term.
  • Open to all majors

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HDFS 462 - Professional Helping Skills

4 credits

Exploration of collaborative, strengths-based methods to resolve individual, family, and community problems. Application of ethical standards to case study, with emphasis on the values of human dignity and social justice. Development of basic helping skills within an empowerment framework

  • Prereqs: HDFS 262 and HDFS 310 and junior or senior standing.
  • Offered in-person for Winter term and online for Spring.

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HDFS 410—Human Services Internship

12 Credits

HDFS 410 is becoming HDFS 469 starting Summer 2023

Field experience to apply theory and empirical research to individual-, family-, and community-level interventions in professional settings. Focus is on analyzing needs of clients, developing goals, and designing and implementing plans of action. Application of human service ethics is emphasized. Supervision by agency and instructor. Requires 300 hours of work on-site. Required online assignments support the internship through selected readings, peer interaction, structured reflection, and self-care practice.

  • Prereqs: HDFS 262, HDFS 310 and HDFS 462 and Senior Standing.
  • Restricted to students in HDFS and OSU Gerontology Program.
  • Override required.
  • Offered every term.
  • Not offered through Ecampus.
  • Starting in Summer 2024, this course will be offered through Ecampus every term (in addition to the Corvallis campus option, which has no in-person meetings).
Split option

This course can be taken as a “split option” across two consecutive terms in which students divide the on-site hours and the academic credits are divided in half (150 hours/6 credits each term). Students utilizing this option must complete all 300 hours with the same internship agency, and are required to complete assignments in Canvas each term.

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