HDFS 430

HDFS 430

Child Development Internship

Human development and family sciences undergraduate program

Student teaching in early childhood development and education

HDFS 430 provides an opportunity to participate in a research-based model early childhood program focused on student teaching, program development and evaluation, parent education and administration.

HDFS 430 meets daily (Monday-Friday) and consists of lecture, laboratory, conference, reflection, planning and preparation for teaching.

About the child development internship

In HDFS 430 you will apply principles of child developmental theory in a laboratory pre-kindergarten classroom. You will also:

  • Conduct observations, and draft and implement teaching strategies and interventions with children ages 3 to 5.
  • Create developmentally appropriate lesson plans.
  • Engage with the families of young children by planning and implementing a variety of family and school events.
  • Practice professional writing approaches in the teaching setting.

Yeng Thao, ’15, was hired as a behavior technician for children with autism immediately after graduating.

“I was hired on the spot after telling them about my experience with HDFS 430 and the OSU Child Development Center and how much it has impacted me,” Yeng says.

Benefits of the child development internship

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply principles of early childhood development by planning and implementing educational interventions that meet the needs of individuals and groups of preschool aged children.
  • Demonstrate effective teaching interactions and classroom management skills.
  • Reflect on teaching and make informed changes in curriculum and teaching strategies.
  • Appropriately interact with and support family engagement in the early learning setting.

How to register for HDFS 430

Students must reserve a spot in this student teaching term 1-2 terms in advance.

This form will submit your info to Kathleen McDonnell, Director of the OSU Child Development Center. Kathleen will then follow up with next steps.

   HDFS 430 info form