General option experiential learning in kinesiology

General option

Kinesiology undergraduate program

Experiential Learning in Kinesiology

In the kinesiology general option, you get to choose how you earn your three credits of experiential learning — through internships, practicums, projects or even studying abroad.  

The best part is you get to take your classroom learning on a test run while boosting your resume.

How to get started

Start by reviewing the orientation page for the general option requirements, including deadlines. Yes, there are a lot of steps. You got this!

If you’re in the pre-therapy and allied health option or considering the option please contact Emily Norcross, MA, ATC for more information about the internship requirements.

Examples of kinesiology experiential learning locations

With such a variety of career options with a kinesiology degree, there are just as many site locations.

Examples include: 

  • Samaritan Health Services, The Corvallis Clinic, and other health care or physical therapy organizations.
  • Some campus locations include the OSU Sports Performance Center, Faculty Staff Fitness, Physical Activity Courses, the Adaptive Exercise Clinic, IMPACT and research with OSU faculty.  
  • Synapse Fitness with Rocksteady boxing allow students to work directly with participants with Parkinson’s disease.  
  • Fitness options include Fitness Over 50, G3 Sports and Timberhill Athletic Club.  
  • The Boys and Girls Club and local school districts host students wanting to work in athletic training, physical education or adaptive physical exercise.

Experiential learning courses for the KIN general option

KIN 307 Seminar

KIN 307 Seminar is a one-credit preparatory course for planning a practicum or internship. It is highly recommended for all KIN students (especially those planning to complete a KIN 410 internship) and will count toward the required 24 credits of KIN Beyond the Core.

note KIN 307 does not count towards the required 3 credits of Experiential Learning.

KIN 301 or 401 Research and Scholarship

KIN 301 or 401 Research and Scholarship - These credits are variable between 1-16 credits. Take this course if you’re pursuing academic research under the guidance of faculty, whether under the URAP or URISC programs or independently. The hours and expectations would be arranged with the faculty through what is called a "TBA" (to-be-arranged) form.

KIN 306 & 406 Special Projects

KIN 306 & 406 Special Projects - (variable credit) In conjunction with the KIN Experiential Learning Coordinator or a designated faculty, you will engage in designing or developing a project related to kinesiology.

KIN 409 Practicum

KIN 409 Practicum – These credits are available for variable credit (1-5). KIN 409 is often used when you wish to complete one to five credits of experiential learning. Experiences may include shadowing, assisting with data or operational tasks at the site. The setting needs to be pre-arranged and approved the term prior by the KIN Experiential Learning Coordinator.

KIN 410 Internship

KIN 410 Internship – This course is used when you’re looking to complete a larger experience (6-15 cr.) that will entail a project or implementation of a program. Using the guidelines above, you will have a larger degree of responsibility established by the on-site supervisor. The setting needs to be pre-arranged and approved at least one term prior by the KIN Experiential Learning Coordinator.

Are you a site supervisor or interested in becoming one?

Thank you for your time, energy and service as you change the lives of our students. Visit site supervisor resources for more information.