Undergraduate student forms

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College of Health

Class override forms

Use the links below to submit your class override request. You need to be enrolled in the current term. Your request will be processed and an email sent to you within 1-2 weeks.

Capacity override

To request a capacity override for a Corvallis campus class, add yourself to the course waitlist during phase two of registration and contact your advisor for further assistance.

College of Health Petitions

Petitions are requests for exceptions to established policies within the College of Health.


Class attempts

Use the COH petition for a third (or more) attempt for a required course in your major or minor.


Course substitution

Use one of the petition for course substitution forms below (major requirement, bacc core, or HHS 231) to request a transfer course be used to meet a degree requirement. For example, if you took MTH 100 at a community college and want it to be substituted for MTH 105.


Major requirement course substitution

Use the COH petition for major requirement course substitution to substitute a course for a major requirement.

This petition only includes courses in:

  • human development and family sciences (HDFS)
  • kinesiology (KIN)
  • nutrition (NUTR)
  • public health (H)


Bacc Core course substitution

To petition for a transfer course to be substituted for a particular Baccalaureate Core class or other non-HDFS, KIN, NUTR, or H course.


Complete and submit the OSU Office of Admissions' Transfer Course Equivalency Petition (pdf).

If that is denied...

If your OSU Office of Admissions petition is denied, fill out and submit the COH petition for Bacc Core course substitution.


HHS 231 substitution

If petitioning for an HHS 231 substitution, see Transfer Course Equivalency.

Student dispute resolution policy

The Student Dispute Resolution Policy for the College of Health (COH) provides students with a mechanism to address and resolve questionable treatment by members of the College of Health including faculty, staff and administrators.

TBA form

Request for "To-Be-Arranged" course.

Special approval is required for some courses. Students must obtain approval from the instructor and their advisor prior to registering for the course. Instructors must be faculty members in the academic program in which the course is offered (e.g., KIN courses must be taught by Kinesiology faculty, H courses must be taught by faculty in one of the Public Health programs).

Please Note: In addition to completing this form you must register for the course after the approval override has been performed by office staff. After the 2nd week of classes, you must also submit the Petition for Late Change of Registration and pay additional fees.