Transitioning to Ecampus

Transitioning to Ecampus

If you are a Corvallis or Cascades campus student and are interested in transitioning to Ecampus, please review the information below.

We offer multiple degrees online via Ecampus in order to provide opportunities to further your education.

What is Ecampus?

Ecampus provides the online coursework and degrees that are available at Oregon State University.

While many students may engage in an online class to help manage their schedule, Ecampus provides entire degrees online to students who are unable to attend classes in person.

The accessibility of online degrees helps students who are working professionals, parents, military members, or students who move away from Corvallis or Bend. There are over 40 undergraduate degrees and 28 graduate programs available via Ecampus.

Ecampus courses are online courses that are “asynchronous”, meaning that they do not have a scheduled course time. Students engage in the coursework on their own time through Canvas. Coursework could include video lectures, documents to review, discussion posts, and lecture slides. You can find out more at: About Ecampus Courses.

While any student can enroll in an Ecampus class, many students need to take most or all of their courses online. If this is the case, we can discuss changing your “assigned campus” to Ecampus to help you maximize the benefits that Ecampus can provide.

Which majors are available via Ecampus?

Human Development and Family Sciences

The HDFS - “General Option” is available.

Corvallis campus

  • The Child Development and Human Services options are NOT available due to in-person course requirements.
  • The Education Double Degree is NOT available.


The Kinesiology major is available.

The Ecampus KIN program is not designed for students interested in pursuing clinical education or careers. This could include nursing, physical therapy, athletic training, or physician’s assistant programs. The program is not suitable for these programs because the online classes do not provide in-person lab opportunities.

Please note: Due to the ongoing development of the new Ecampus KIN program, some courses will not be offered until the 2023-2024 school year. If you are interested in transitioning to Ecampus, you should to consider how these courses may impact your graduation timeline.

Corvallis campus

  • The PTAH option is not available due to in-person course requirements.

Public Health

The Public Health major has two options available via Ecampus:

  • Health Management and Policy
  • Health Promotion and Health Behavior

Corvallis campus

  • The Public Health – “General Option” is not available due to in-person course requirements.

Change of campus

Should you “change your campus” to Ecampus? Or should you register for Ecampus courses as a Corvallis campus student?

You should base your assigned campus on where you intend to complete MOST of your coursework for your degree for the following reasons:

  • Not all majors, options, or minors are available via Ecampus.
  • Changing your assigned campus can impact your Financial Aid award and scholarship eligibility.
  • Students receive communication from OSU based on their assigned campus.

Your Academic Advisor can work with you to identify opportunities for taking Ecampus courses for flexibility without transitioning to Ecampus.

Corvallis campus students are able to register for Ecampus courses. Students are charged tuition and fees based on their registration, NOT their assigned campus.

  • Ecampus and Corvallis courses charge different tuition rates. You can view all tuition rates at Tuition and Fees.
  • In the College of Health, Ecampus Registration Restrictions affect HDFS courses and Public Health courses during Phase 1 of registration.

Some non-COH Ecampus courses are restricted to Ecampus students during Phase 1 and Phase 2 of registration. Corvallis campus students are not eligible to register for these courses. 

Things to consider if interested in transitioning to Ecampus.

Financial Aid

Some types of Financial Aid can be impacted by a student’s assigned campus or enrollment. For questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.


Some scholarships can be impacted by a student’s assigned campus or enrollment. For questions, please contact the OSU Scholarship Office.

VA Education Benefits

While the VA does certify Ecampus courses, your enrollment can impact your specific benefits. For questions, please contact the Military and Veteran Resources Center.

OSU charges tuition and fees based on a student’s enrollment.

You can view all tuition rates at Tuition and Fees.

Please note: Ecampus does NOT charge tuition based on Oregon residency. This can make tuition more manageable for international students or students who do not qualify for Oregon residency.

For many students, the benefits of enrolling in Ecampus courses makes education accessible to them because of their schedule or location.

Ecampus courses are typically asynchronous. This offers you the flexibility to manage coursework around your schedule, family, and work obligations.

  • While there are Ecampus courses that require synchronous engagement via Zoom, there are no College of Health major courses that include this requirement.

Because Ecampus does not charge tuition based on residency, this can make tuition more manageable for international students or students who do not qualify for Oregon residency. This can also be helpful for students who move frequently and/or are part of the military.

How to change your campus to Ecampus.

Step one

Review the information above to ensure that your major is available via Ecampus.

  • If your major is not available, please connect with your current Academic Advisor to discuss options for taking courses via Ecampus without transitioning.
  • Students are able to change their major in order to transition to Ecampus. If you would like to change your major, please review the COH Ecampus Orientation via Canvas.

Step two

Contact the Office of Financial Aid, the Office of Scholarships, and/or Military and Veterans Resources with any questions that you have regarding your financial aid, scholarships, or benefits (see contact information above).

If you have financial support that is not available to Ecampus students, please connect with your current Academic Advisor to discuss options for taking courses via Ecampus without transitioning.

Step three

Schedule an appointment with an Ecampus Academic Advisor.

Students can schedule a 25 or 50 minute Academic Advising Appointment in order to discuss their transition.

  • If the major is new to you, you want more time for questions, and/or you want to discuss transfer credits, we recommend a 50-minute appointment.
  • If you are comfortable with the major and do not have many questions, a 25-minute appointment will likely be sufficient.

Ecampus Transition FAQ

No. All degrees are issued by Oregon State University and a student’s campus is not noted.

Ecampus students are able to register for Corvallis campus courses. Students would be responsible for understanding the differences in tuition and fees

Typically, no. If you are planning to move to Corvallis in the next few terms to complete most of your coursework, you should remain a Corvallis campus student.

You can work with your Academic Advisor to identify Ecampus courses that you can take before moving to Corvallis.

Unfortunately, there are some scholarships that are not available to Ecampus students. As such, transitioning to Ecampus would mean giving up your scholarship.

If this is your only concern with transitioning to Ecampus, please meet with one of the Ecampus Academic Advisors in order to discuss options with them.

Student fees are charged for Corvallis campus courses ONLY.

Ecampus students are able to use any non-fee-based resources. For example, Ecampus students can access the Valley Library, the Human Services Resource Center, and the Cultural Centers.

Ecampus students are only able to access fee-based resources if they choose to pay the student services fee for that resource. For example, Ecampus students would need to pay additional fees to access Dixon Recreation Center or Student Health Services.

Ecampus students have a variety of resources specifically designed to support Current Students.


Online classes (Ecampus) are fully asynchronous and do not require students to engage in lectures at a set time. The coursework is available through Canvas.


Hybrid courses are a flexible course option that can be great for your schedule! Students engage in 75% of their coursework online through Canvas and 25% through in-person lectures. Typically the in-person components are only one day per week.


Remote courses are being offered due to COVID-19. Remote courses ask students to engage in a live lecture or discussion via video format at a set time. Remote courses are flexible to allow students to engage in the course from their own personal space rather than a classroom.

Typically Ecampus classes use Proctorio to proctor exams. Proctorio is an on-demand, automated online proctor that is free for Ecampus students and allows them the flexibility of taking their proctored exam 24/7, without scheduling in advance.

You can find more information at Ecampus exam proctoring.