Graduation resources

Academic Advising

Students do not need to apply for graduation

OSU uses Institutional Awarding to advance an undergraduate student to graduation candidacy once a student completes or is in the process of completing their final degree requirements.


Reserve your place at the commencement ceremony

note 2021 commencement will be virtual - see OSU Commencement for details.

When commencement ceremony is in-person:


Review your MyDegrees Audit to ensure all your course work is completed

Review your graduation audit in MyDegrees to check that you are on track for meeting graduation requirements in the term you intend to graduate. If you find errors or problems in your MyDegrees program of study, please contact your assigned academic advisor.


Review preliminary grades for spring term

OSU faculty will award preliminary grades to graduating spring term students by May. However, based on your final grades, your graduation may be cancelled and you will need to complete deficient/missing requirements at a later date.


Transcript Notation

OSU offers students who complete a research or creative project with an OSU professor the opportunity to get this notated on their official transcript. For details see transcript notation.


Attend the Grad Fair

The Grad Fair is held in the OSU Beaver Store. You can buy your cap and gown, class ring, yearbook and commencement announcements. Visit the OSU Beaver Store Graduation Center for additional information.


Complete an exit interview if you're on financial aid

Most students receiving financial aid will need to complete an exit interview before being allowed to graduate.


Update your address with anyone who sends you a bill including OSU

This can include your bank, your cell phone provider, your loan companies, and your credit card companies.


Check in with Career Services and join the Alumni Association

Utilizing both The Career Development Center and the OSU Alumni Association after graduation will be a lifesaver.

The OSU Alumni Association's Career Services has free webinars to help with their career preparation and strategies.


Compile all your electronic files in one place

Gather together all of your important documents (that you might need for job applications, writing samples, or graduate school) in one place, ideally stored in the cloud so you can access it wherever and whenever you need to.


Grab a few copies of your transcript (both official and unofficial)

New jobs, volunteer programs, and all kinds of folks may want to see your transcript after you graduate. Having a few with you will save you a lot of time, money, and trouble. Visit the Office of the Registrar's Transcript page.


Get contact information for your references

Knowing where your references will be over the next few months, as well as how to reach them, may make or break you in certain situations.


Record your addresses

You might be surprised how quickly you forget the address of the place you lived for two years. But you may need that information when you rent your next place—you often need to give a few years’ worth of past addresses when you rent a new apartment.


Complete the Graduation Exit Survey

Students who are graduating receive an email invitation around mid-April. The survey takes approximately 6 minutes to complete and those Students who complete the survey may enter their names into a drawing for coffee gift cards and CPHHS swag bags.


Once a Beaver, always a Beaver!

As you prepare for graduation, the days seem to pass quickly — but the memories are forever. Savor your final days as a student with Oregon State’s Countdown to Commencement. Celebratory events will kick off 100 days before you become a part of OSU’s alumni community that is over 200,000 strong.

Join the countdown of events that will prepare you for commencement day and refine the skills you’ll need to succeed in your life and career after graduation. Plus, have a little fun along the way as you celebrate with your graduating class, enter to win lots of prizes and plan your summer adventures.

View the countdown calendar

   View the countdown calendar