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College of Public Health and Human Sciences


Starting March 16 and for the foreseeable future, we no longer offer in-person appointments. We are now using Zoom. See details for this and other COVID-19 academic advising info.

First step

  • Check the list of advising topics the peer advisors can help you with.
  • If they can help, schedule a 25 minute appointment with them below.
  • If not, head to the second step.


Peer advisors can help with...

  • MyDegrees Planner
  • Dietetics application
  • Internship process
  • KIN 343/344 application
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Learn about CPHHS majors, options and/or minor
  • Petition forms
  • Registration issues
  • Study Abroad – Get Started
  • Other


Second step

  • If the peers cannot assist, check the lists below for advising topic and the corresponding appointment time required.
  • Then head to the third step.


15 mins
  • Progress check
  • Graduation check
  • Get a form signed
25 min
  • Long term planning
  • Add/change major or option See note below
  • Add/drop/change minor See note below
  • Interest in Graduate School
  • General advising
  • Registration changes
  • Term planning
  • Fall term course plan
  • Internship/experiential learning
50 min
  • Academic standing
  • Ecampus orientation
  • Reinstatement

Important: To add/drop/change majors, minors or options offered outside of the CPHHS, please make an appointment with the college or unit offering that program of study.


Third step

See Zoom advising meetings for instructions of the three appointment options using Zoom.


Select the corresponding appointment time located below your assigned advisor's photo to schedule an appointment.
Need help finding your assigned advisor? Check your MyDegrees student degree checklist in the Assigned Advisor block, or call the Office of Student Success at 541-737-8900.

  For phone appointments please call your advisor 5 minutes before your scheduled time at 541-737-8900.

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Peer advisors

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Erin Heim
Head Advisor

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Carey Hilbert
Associate Head Advisor,
Coordinator Pre-Med & Allied Health Professions

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Nelson Sigrah
Associate Head Advisor

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Gina Cavanaugh
Academic Advisor

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Katee Keen
Academic Advisor

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Caleb Maddox
Academic Advisor

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David Reitan
Academic Advisor

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Ainsley Wilson-Graden
Ecampus Academic Advisor