HHS 231

Lifetime Fitness for Health

Develop personal awareness and responsibility for the maintenance of your health and physical well-being through lectures, discussions, assignments and personal reflections.

The Baccalaureate Core Fitness requirement for students to graduate Oregon State University consists of two components: A Lifetime Fitness for Health course (HHS 231) and a Physical Activity Course (PAC) of their choice. HHS 231 has traditionally served as a lecture course (2 credits), providing essential skills and strategies to promote lifelong health and wellness.

Designed to facilitate the development of positive health behaviors in physical activity and nutrition, HHS 231 will teach you self-awareness and strategies to initiate these behaviors and creates the foundation for healthy habits you can continue to develop throughout your time at Oregon State.

HHS 231 provides up-to-date and relevant health and wellness information, as well as practical strategies to implement positive behavior change in physical activity, nutrition and stress management throughout college and across the lifespan.

Special Examination for Waiver or Credit

A Special Examination for Waiver or Credit (Special Exam) is offered for those students who wish to demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the course in place of taking the entire course of lectures and labs.

Details about how to take the exam are available on the HHS 231 Special Examination page.


Campus Resources

There are many resources at Oregon State to help you with your physical and mental health and well-being. See OSU Experience Health and Well-Being for detailed resources.



To foster student success in adopting and sustaining health behaviors aligned with your personal interests and needs, HHS 231 intentionally intersects and collaborates with many programs and resources on campus that support positive health behaviors.

Some collaborations of the HHS program are with Student Health Services, Physical Activity Courses (PAC) program, Healthy Campus Initiative, Academic Success Center, Dixon Recreation Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, University Housing and Dining, and MU Retail Food Service.


Additional information

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