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Elevate your pre-med application with a College of Health major

Prepare for medical school

An Oregon State University College of Health major provides outstanding training and opportunities to prepare you to become a doctor.

Medical schools no longer prioritize students in science majors, but rather look at well-rounded candidates with a demonstrated interest and commitment — candidates who have something different to offer.

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Pre-med majors in the College of Health

Medicine is about caring for the health and well-being of individuals, and our majors connect the sciences to the people you’ll eventually serve as a doctor.

Majoring in biology, chemistry or biological health aren’t your only options.

College of Health majors that set you on track to become a doctor include:

Here’s what some College of Health grads have to say about their major and how it helped them stand out when applying to medical school.

Trent Henderson

Trent Henderson, ’22
Majored in: Nutrition-Nutrition and health sciences
Attending Des Moines University

“I find myself gravitating toward fields where nutrition and lifestyle play a role in prevention or treatment. The field of cardiology also has piqued my interest due to the intriguing physiology of the heart and the fascinating tools used. The connection between diet and cardiac health also fascinates me.”

“A lot of students who want to go to medical school think that biology is the only option. I feel like having a background in public health gave me a different perspective compared to other applicants. Especially during the interviews, it gave me something else to talk about and showed I had a passion for helping people.”

Isaac Derman

Isaac Derman, ’18
Majored in: Public health
Attended Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine

Jonathan Sisley

Jonathan Sisley, ’18
Majored in: Kinesiology-PTAH option
Attending Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine

“I was confident going from Oregon State that I would have all the requirements met for all the universities I was applying to.”

Our graduates have been accepted to the following medical schools

Albany Medical College

Columbia University

Des Moines University

Drexel University

Oregon Health and Sciences University

University of Colorado

University of Arizona

St. Louis University

Temple University

Tulane University

Western University of Health Sciences

and more

Diverse group of medical school candidates discussing with books and tablets in hospital hallway.

Be a strong candidate for medical school

Yes, you need science, but the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) includes an emphasis in psychology, psycho-social dimensions of health and medical ethics.

College of Health students gain a proactive mindset that is representative of a philosophy in medicine in which physicians focus on prevention and caring for the health of individuals.

Learn what it takes to be a strong applicant, including academic prerequisites, and see a timeline of activities and resources that will help you succeed. 

How to be a strong candidate

Is pre-med for you?

There are many things to consider when thinking about a pre-med path. In addition to academic qualities and achievements, there are personal characteristics that are important as well.

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Is pre-med for me?
Pre-health professions

Health professions pathway

Health professionals deliver services involving the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders; dietary and nutrition services; and rehabilitation and health systems management.

The most common health professions our students are interested in are: athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing and physician sssistant. There are almost 100 different careers for you to pursue.

Learn about health professions