Academic Minors and Certificates

The College of Public Health & Human Sciences offers the following academic minors and certificates.

Undergraduate students may declare a minor online.

Combining undergraduate majors and minors

The following combinations of undergraduate majors and minors are not allowed:

  • Kinesiology major / Exercise Physiology minor
  • Public Health major / Health Management & Policy minor
  • Public Health major / Public Health minor
  • Nutrition major / Nutrition minor

Grade policies

A grade of C- or higher is required in all College of Public Health and Human Sciences minor courses and course prerequisites. Courses with a grade below a C- will be excluded from the minor and will not meet minor requirements.

A letter grade (A-F) is required for all minor courses and course prerequisites. S/U, W, or I grades do not meet minor requirements.

Undergraduate minors

Environmental and Occupational Health

The EOH undergrad minor studies the impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health. No matter which major program you’re enrolled in, the environmental and occupational health minor will enhance your undergraduate studies.

Exercise physiology

The exercise physiology undergrad minor is an excellent addition for students interested in incorporating fitness/wellness into their major, or for those who love to exercise and be active and just want to understand more about how the body responds.

Health Management and Policy

The health management and policy undergrad minor will provide you with a background in public health with an emphasis on the management of health care programs and agencies.

Human Development and Family Sciences

With the HDFS undergrad minor you will learn how people change across the life course within the contexts of families, schools and communities.

This minor pairs well with other academic degrees such as education, public health, psychology, sociology and allied health sciences.


This rigorous nutrition undergrad minor is an excellent addition for Food Science & Technology or Kinesiology students wanting a good foundation in some basic nutritional principals.

Public Health

The public health undergrad minor provides students with a general background in public health.