Public Health undergraduate minor

Public Health

Undergraduate minor

Gain a general background in public health.

Corvallis Campus


With the public health minor, you’ll gain a general background in public health while examining environmental issues, health disparities, quality of health care programs and accessibility to health.

Public health is a broad discipline, and professionals in the field often find themselves involved in everything from identifying diseases to creating public policy to helping refugees integrate into new communities.

The public health minor is a great addition to the following degree programs:

  • Business majors
  • Environmental sciences
  • Human development and family sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

This minor is available on OSU’s Corvallis campus and online through Ecampus.

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Eligibility requirements

All majors, except public health majors, may add the public health minor.

  • Have a minimum OSU GPA of 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter (A-F) grade
  • No more than two attempts at any course or pre-requisite
  • Have a minimum C- grade in any course or pre-requisite

Required courses

The following courses must be competed satisfactorily to fulfill the public health minor.

* designates a Bacc Core course

Course Credit hours
H 100 Introduction to Public Health 4
H 210* Introduction to the Health Care System 3
H 220 Introduction to Epidemiology and Health Data Analysis
ST 201 Principles of Statistics
H 225* Social and Individual Health Determinants 4
H 319 Intro to Health Policy 3
H 320 Intro to Human Disease 3
H 344 Foundations of Environmental Health 3
H 425 Foundations of Epidemiology 3
H Elective Any other H course of your choice 3

Total = 29 credits

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