Public Health Undergraduate General Degree Option

Public Health

Undergraduate Degree General Option

Be part of the solution for ongoing and emerging public health issues and advocate for health equity.

 Corvallis Campus

Be part of the solution

Assess population health and plan innovative solutions to advocate for health equity at workplace, school, local, domestic and global settings.

Use and communicate public health data to advance health equity in diverse populations.

Assist diverse communities in ongoing and emerging public health issues.

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Sample public health general option courses

  • Racism and health equity
  • Application of public health data
  • Climate and health
  • Global public health

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With the general public health degree option, you’ll...

  • Learn from a wide range of areas and topics in public health to meet your unique career goals.
  • Develop a set of skills to assist in community health, disease prevention and other public health services for ongoing and emerging public health issues.
  • Apply data analysis skills to contribute innovative and equitable solutions to achieve health equity at workplace, school, local, domestic and global settings.
public health internship

Public health undergrad internship

Your internship can be completed in a variety of public health settings, including local health departments, federal governments, OSU Extension Service, international settings, nonprofit organizations such as schools, local shelters, clinics, hospitals, and other sites based on each student's own professional goals.

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Careers in public health

Be a part of innovative and equitable solutions for public health issues at workplace, school, local, domestic and global settings.

This option prepares you for a wide range of careers in public health.

The US Labor of Statistics estimates that a job increase through 2030 in the area of public health such as epidemiologists (30%), health safety specialists (7%), environmental specialists (8%) and community health workers (17%).

Start with general public health option to become:

*May require additional education and/or training.

  • Occupational health and safety specialist
  • Environment specialist
  • Epidemiologist*
  • Health data analyst*
  • (Global) program and research assistant
  • International public health worker
  • Community health worker/community liaison
  • Public health advocate
  • Public health planner
  • Peace Corp

Laura De La Torre

Laura De La Torre
Public health student, TRACE-COVID-19 internship

“I am working with an amazing team with several years of experience in the health field, and I am learning how to manage a team on and off the field."

“I have learned about different public health career paths that I might be interested in, and I learn daily facts about the pandemic and try to stay up-to-date on all the new data.”

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