DVM-MPH dual-degree program

DVM-MPH dual-degree program

College of Health

Reduce the cost and time for a MPH

Adding an MPH will give you experience in epidemiology, public health, and evidence-based medicine, and it’s particularly important for students interested in environmental stewardship, zoonosis, and human-animal interactions.

Veterinary students may complete the MPH degree with up to 27 credits towards the MPH with their VetMed coursework.

Students enrolled in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree program wishing also to complete a Masters of Public Health degree may do so if successfully admitted to the Graduate School and the College of Health (COH).

The College of Health offers an MPH degree with six on-campus options: biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health; global health; health management and policy; and health systems and policy. We also offer the MPH online with an interdisciplinary option in public health practice.

Veterinary students should enter the dual degree option as early in their studies as possible to streamline the dual degrees.

Ryan Scholz

Public health + vet med

Oregon State alum Ryan Scholz draws on public health training in job as state veterinarian.

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MPH courses

Courses from the MPH program can count toward the DVM for 7-17 credits, depending on the DVM path.

DVM courses

Veterinary Medicine courses counting towards MPH degree should be selected with the MPH advisor’s approval and depend on the elective hours needed for the MPH option (ranges from 12-21 credits).

The Veterinary Medicine courses must be graduate approved courses to count for the MPH:

  • VMB 6/714 Veterinary Microscopic Anatomy
  • VMB 6/720 Veterinary Immunology
  • VMB 6/721 General Pathology
  • VMB 6/753 Veterinary Virology
  • VMB 6/759 Veterinary Bacteriology & Mycology
  • VMB 6/760 Veterinary Parasitology
  • VMB 766 Epidemiology and Public Health

Note For the Epidemiology MPH option, 12 elective credits must be fulfilled with the following DVM courses:

  • VMB 753: Veterinary Virology (4)
  • VMB 759: Bacteriology and Mycology (5)    
  • VMB 760: Parisitology (5)

DVM Preceptorship and MPH Internship

The 6 credits of the DVM preceptorship (VMB 780) can count towards the MPH internship (4 credits) as long as requirements for both degrees are met.


Procedures for pursuing an MPH with a Professional DVM Program.


  • Students must apply separately to graduate (level 02) and professional (level 05) programs.
  • Upon admission to both programs the graduate program is entered manually as secondary curriculum under level 05.
  • The student is responsible for informing the Graduate School that they are pursuing their MPH in concurrence with a professional program in order to facilitate the manual entry that is required.

Adding a concurrent MPH degree

If you are a current DVM student adding an MPH as a concurrent degree, please submit an "Add Concurrent Degree (for current PharmD or DVM students only)" form.

Then email   College of Health Admissions for further instructions.


  • Courses completed toward the MPH will be posted at the graduate level.
  • The MPH curriculum (degree, college, & major) will be posted to the student’s record under the graduate level.  

Student accounts

  • Students are billed according to the tuition and fee rates of their professional program.

Financial aid

  • Financial aid is based on the courses that apply to the students program (i.e. PHAR credits count towards hours needed for professional program aid and graduate level course hours are counted separately).

Student record

  • Courses and degrees awarded appear on graduate level (02) transcript and professional level (05) transcript.
  • Courses and degrees will appear on the level of transcript to which they belong: 700-numbered courses and the DVM degree will be on a professional level (05) transcript; 500/600-numbered courses and the MPH degree will be on a graduate level (02) transcript.

Student responsibility

  • Information that explains the process, their responsibilities, and the financial implications will be provided, by the department, to students pursuing this concurrent program.
  • The student is responsible for informing the Graduate School that they are pursuing their MPH in concurrence with a professional program in order to facilitate the manual entry that is required.
  • The student is responsible for educating themselves regarding the administration of financial aid under this program and for abiding by all applicable regulations.
  • Students accept responsibility for paying tuition at the professional program level while participating in this concurrent program.


For more information about this program, please contact:   College of Health Admissions.