According to OSU's Academic Regulations for "Special Examination for Credit" (AR 23), students may request an examination to replace OSU's required course of HHS 231. This can be done for credit or for waiver of requirement (details below).

Successful completion of the Special Exam will satisfy two of the three-credit Fitness requirement in the Baccalaureate Core (HHS 231 (2-Credit)). This does NOT satisfy the one credit Physical Activity Course (PAC) requirement for the Bacc Core Fitness skill. In addition to the Special Exam, students will need to complete a 1-credit PAC course.


Who CAN take the Special Exam?

While open to all students, this exam is intended for transfer students whose previous coursework does not match the HHS 231 equivalent.


Who CANNOT take the Special Exam?

The exam may not be taken by students currently or previously registered for HHS 231. Only one Special Exam attempt is allowed.
For more details, see the academic regulations AR 23 and AR 24.


General Overview

The Special Exam has two parts:


Completion of the Petition for Approval form from the Registrar's office.
The "Examination for Credit or Waiver" form can be found under Additional Forms on the Office of the Registrar's Forms page.


The successful completion of the exam. This is a rigorous exam that assumes college-level comprehension of Physical Activity and Nutrition knowledge and application.


When is the Exam Offered?

  • The Special Exam is ONLY offered Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.
  • The Special Exam is NOT offered Summer Term.


HHS Special Exam for Credit or Waiver Procedure

  • Ecampus students: Contact Celina Long for procedures.
  • Undergraduate students: Contact Dan Roberson and Dr. Erica Woekel through this email form before applying.


Directions for Applying

Undergraduate Corvallis Student Directions for Applying


1. Get Form

Please begin the process by obtaining a form called "Examination for Credit or Waiver" from the Registrar's office and fill out. Note: The fee is $80, charged to the student's account.


2. Fill out form

Complete the "Examination of Credit or Waiver" portion of the form.

Information regarding waiver and credit can be found in the OSU Academic Regulations. Read academic regulations 23 and 24. 

  • For Credit: Successful completion will give you 2 credits for HHS 231. You have options of A-F grading (contributes to overall GPA) or S/U grading (does not contribute to overall GPA). Students do not need to pay credit dollars.
  • For Waiver: Successful completion will satisfy a portion of the Bacc Core Fitness Skill Requirement (HHS 231 portion), no credits given.  1-credit PAC course still required.


3. Get required signatures

Obtain signatures required on the form (in this order):

(1) Instructor and Chair of Academic Department the course is offered in. This is signed by the Director of the Lifetime Fitness for Health Program in Langton 123. Signing the petition in most cases will take between 24 to 48 hours, please plan accordingly.

(2) From the Dean of Academic College can be obtained at the same time as (1). Contacting the Dean is NOT necessary.

(3) From your advisor (or head advisor in your academic college).


4. Deliver completed original form to...

Deliver the original of the signed form to the Office of the Registrar in Kerr Administration Building by 5 pm on the 3rd Friday of the term.


5. Deliver copy of completed form to...

Deliver a photocopy of the signed form to the Director of the Lifetime Fitness for Health Program, Dr. Erica Woekel in Langton 123.


6. Special Exam Preparation

  • All information from the HHS 231 textbook is examinable.
  • Interactive E-Textbook via Top Hat: Practicing Healthy Behaviors: Physical Activity and Health (Erica Woekel): 978-1-77330-321-5.
  • Top Hat Class Join Code: 169132
  • The Special Exam has a 2-hour time-limit.
  • The exam consists of multiple choice, true/false, matching, and short answer questions up to 200 points. 
  • If you have any questions, please use the form below to contact us.


7. Dates for the Exam

This exam will be held remotely via Online proctoring (Proctorio). Students will need a webcam and microphone to take the exam. Please contact Dan Roberson and Dr. Erica Woekel through this email form if you need proctoring accommodations by Week 2.

The special exam is scheduled as follows
  • Fall, Winter, & Spring Terms: Exam must be taken between Week 3 and Week 7 of the term.

  • The HHS special exam is not available during the summer term.


8. Grading

  • The multiple choice and True/ False questions are graded automatically.
  • The short answer questions are graded by an HHS instructor.
  • The exam takes about two-three weeks to grade. Final grades are delivered to the Registrar's Office. 
  • Special Exam percentages are not rounded or curved nor are there extra credit opportunities. Therefore 79.5% is a C+ not a B-.
  • Students who pass the Special Exam are considered to have met two of the three fitness requirement credits of Baccalaureate Core.  Students will still need to enroll in a PAC class to fulfill the third requirement.


9.  Getting final grade

The student will be notified by e-mail their final grade.


Transfer Course Equivalency

If you feel you have taken a class that fulfills the Baccalaureate Core Requirement for Fitness (HHS 231 or 241) and would like to apply for a Transfer Course Equivalency, please submit the following information to Dr. Erica Woekel via email at

  • Transfer Course Equivalency Petition
  • Attach a course syllabus, preferably from the year the course was taken
  • Detailed course calendar of topics covered during the course