Academic Advising

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FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

Advisors are restricted by Federal Law (Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act) from releasing any information about a student’s class schedule, grades, transcripts, advising checklist, or other specific information to a third party (outside of OSU) without written permission from the student. Faculty/staff (pdf) are able to access student records as needed to fulfil one’s employment responsibilities; there must be a “legitimate educational interest,” which generally entails working directly with the student for whom information was requested. Access to student information does not permit disclosure of information to a third party without a student’s written permission. The Permission to Release Education Records form may be obtained through the Advising Office or from the Access to Records page on the Registrar's website. This form must be in the student’s file to allow any information to be released. For more information please contact the Office of the Registrar at 541-737-4331.


Maximum retake policy

No more than TWO graded attempts are allowed to meet minimum grade policy for courses in CPHHS majors, minors, or options. No third attempts from OSU or transferred in from other institutions are allowed.

Second graded attempts should be retaken where they were taken originally.

If you plan to repeat a course please see OSU Repeated Courses.


Minimum grade policy

Effective calendar year 2017-2018, a grade of C– or higher is required for all courses in a student’s undergraduate program of study.

This includes all courses and associated prerequisite courses in a student's undergraduate program of study for a major, minor or certificate as listed in the online course catalog.

Some programs have additional grade and/or GPA criteria, which must be met in addition to this grade policy.

Baccalaureate Core courses are not subject to this policy unless they serve as courses required in or prerequisites for a student's major, minor, or certificate.

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences does not accept third-course attempts either at the university or transferred in from other institutions to meet individual course requirements within any major effective Fall term 2014.

Third or subsequent attempts taken prior to Fall term 2014 may be considered to meet major program of study requirements. The Exercise and Sport Science and Athletic Training majors stopped allowing third or subsequent course attempts effective Fall term 2013.


PHHS S/U policy

Students with majors and/or minors in CPHHS may not use S/U grading any required course (including prerequisites for major/minor required courses).

Students may, however, use S/U grading for Bacc Core classes and electives (including courses offered by their major or minor department), if not required for the major or minor.


Academic fresh start policy

Undergraduate students may petition once with the Registrar to exclude OSU courses from the calculation of institutional requirements, credits, and grade point average, under a condition of the academic fresh start policy. (It is AR 31 on the regulations page)


Student dispute resolution policy

The Student Dispute Resolution Policy for the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS) provides students with a mechanism to address and resolve questionable treatment by members of the CPHHS including faculty, staff and administrators.