Maclean Panshin

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Maclean Panshin

Internship course
Public health, MPH
Intern site name
Linn County Public Health

What inspired or interested you about your field of study? And why did you choose OSU/the college?

I chose to pursue an MPH in health systems and policy because of my interest in addressing the failings of the US health care system. This program gave me the skills and knowledge to advocate for systemic changes to enhance health care access and improve population health.

What are you doing in your internship and/or what is your main project?

I am compiling a comprehensive report about access to health care in Linn County, the challenges that community members face in receiving the care they require and the upstream causes of these challenges. I am then distributing these findings to key stakeholders in the community to begin to address these challenges and improve health care access.

What do you see as the greatest value of your internship? Or, what have you learned the most in your internship?

The greatest value of my internship was the chance to craft a meaningful report aimed at enhancing the well-being of local patients. I learned invaluable skills in communicating complex information concisely to a wide audience, maximizing impact for positive change.

Have you received a scholarship? If so, how has it affected your life and your studies?

The scholarships listed below, combined with financial support I received from my employer in the form of tuition reimbursement helped reduce the amount of tuition I owed by over 50%, significantly easing the financial burden of obtaining a graduate degree. As a result, I did not need to take out any loans to cover my tuition or living expenses. 

  • Warren & Frederica Schad Scholarship 
  • MPH Laurels Block Scholarship  
  • Virginia Welch Scholarship  
  • Charles F. and Elaine Mellen Sutherland Public Health Scholarship