Kaleb Messner

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Kaleb Messner holding his diploma

Kaleb Messner

Internship course
Adapted physical education, MAPE
Intern site name
Letitia Carson Elementary School

What inspired or interested you about your field of study? And why did you choose OSU/the college?

I absolutely love teaching young individuals how their body works, moves, and how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This field is perfect for me!

Along with this, being able to adapt curriculum and teaching to have all students, no matter their ability level, meet these goals is critical to becoming a successful educator; good physical education is adapted physical education.

I have attended OSU for the last five years and it’s been the best experience for me. My mother attended OSU so I have always wanted to attend OSU since I was a child.

What are you doing in your internship and/or what is your main project?

In my internship, I am teaching K-5 students in physical education. This includes fundamental motor skills, invasion games, net/wall games and cooperation skills.

What do you see as the greatest value of your internship? Or, what have you learned the most in your internship?

The greatest value of my internship is the experience I am receiving from teaching these young students and seeing the growth they have throughout the internship.

Through leading these classes, I have taught many students from all different backgrounds as well as all types of ability levels, which has resulted in me adapting my lessons and providing support to each of my students to give them the best educational experience possible. 

I have grown so much from this and will definitely take this with me into my future career!

What do you think of your experience at OSU/in the college so far? Any stand-out experiences?

My experience at OSU has been amazing. The community, people and staff here are all so supportive and without them I wouldn’t be receiving the great educational experience I have had.

Have you received a scholarship? If so, how has it affected your life and your studies?

I received the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs Grant for Interdisciplinary Preparation in Adapted Physical Education and Special Education.

This grant has significantly impacted my life and studies and has provided me with the opportunity to pursue my dreams of becoming an adapted physical education teacher.