Experiential Learning Scholarship

Experiential Learning Scholarship

College of Health

The College of Health experiential learning scholarship is intended for COH undergraduate and graduate students to help defray expenses for degree-required experiential learning opportunities (e.g., practicum, internship, field experience or clinical experience) or for an accredited internship program.


  • You must be a COH undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing, and seeking a degree that requires experiential learning, or is completing an accredited internship program, including: Dietetics, DPT, HDFS Child Development, HDFS Early Childhood, HDFS Human Services, KIN-General, KIN-Pre Therapy Allied Health, MAPE, MATRN, MPH, Nutrition-Food Service Culinary & Food Systems, Public Health.
  • You must be an active OSU student registered for at least 1 credit at OSU at the time of receiving funds.
  • You have a secured  experience required by your academic program that has been approved by the site supervisor and your experiential learning coordinator.
  • Your secured experience is at least 10 weeks in length or at least 90 hours if less than 10 weeks.
  • You are applying for funds for an experiential learning opportunity that will be completed in the next term. Funds will not be awarded for past experiences or for following terms.

“The experiential learning scholarship provided by the College of Health allowed me to pursue my internship in Taiwan through OSU’s faculty led program.

In Taiwan I had the chance to meet with local students, visit local hospitals to learn about their modern and advanced health care system, experience traditional Chinese medicine and learn about social determinants of health that impact the elderly and the indigenous people.

Since my internship was an eight-week international program, this scholarship allowed me to afford this experience and grow my public health knowledge in a brand-new way with a global perspective.”

– Hana Nakamura-Daya, public health student

Competitive scholarship

This is a competitive scholarship and funds are limited. Preference will be given based on:

  • Financial need.
  • First generation college students or other underrepresented group(s).
  • Unpaid experiences.
  • In-person or hybrid experiences.
  • Requested funds will be used for purposes directly related to experience such as onboarding, purchase of materials, drug/background test costs.

“First and foremost, I would like to state my appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to further develop my educational and clinical experience thanks to the COH Experiential Scholarship.

By alleviating some of the financial burden of graduate school, I was able to invest further into my clinical experience, which included having the opportunity to observe firsthand how an operation room functions during and between surgeries and learning more about the human body beyond just a textbook.

In addition, this scholarship gave me the opportunity to focus on my extracurriculars outside of the classroom, which for me revolves around playing professional ultimate frisbee.”

– Antonio Rueda, MATRN student

Application deadlines

The Experiential Learning Scholarship will be available at least through Spring 2026.

The scholarship application will open the first day of each term and close Sunday, end of week 8 for experiences in the next term.

Go to ScholarDollars to complete the application form.

Start terms of your experiential learning

Fall Term 2023

Application opens

July 3, 2023

Application closes

August 13, 2023

Award announcement

By the end of August

Winter Term 2024

Application opens

September 25, 2023

Application closes

November 19, 2023

Award announcement

Week 10-11 of fall 2023

Spring Term 2024

Application opens

January 8, 2024

Application closes

March 3, 2024

Award announcement

Week 10-11 of winter 2024

Summer Term 2024

Application opens

April 1, 2024

Application closes

May 26, 2024

Award announcement

Week 10-11 of spring 2024

“The COH Experiential Learning Scholarship helped me to fully immerse myself in my courses this term!

Being awarded the scholarship assisted me with affording fall term tuition. If I had not been awarded this aid, I would have had to pick up more hours at my job in order to pay for my tuition.

If that had been the case, I would have struggled to be present in my courses and not had the opportunity to travel to my dream experiential learning partner site in Albany. This scholarship helped me have the most wonderful learning experience at Sensible Speech and Rehab!

And my time spent there reassured me that pediatric occupational therapy is the field I want to specialize in after graduation. And because I was able to be fully engaged in the process of learning, this resulted in earning As in all the courses I was enrolled in the fall term.

Thank you for your generosity, for choosing me, and for helping me become one step closer to achieving my educational and career goals.”

– Jessica Toledo, kinesiology, general option student

Contact information

If you have any questions about this scholarship award, please contact the COH Office of Student Success at [email protected] or 541-737-8900.

Experiential Learning Scholarship FAQs

The COH Experiential Learning Scholarship is competitive, and typical awards range between $500 - $1000.


If you will be completing an approved experiential learning opportunity in another term, and you meet all the other eligibility criteria you can apply for the scholarship.

Please note, students can receive up to $1,000 per term that they are completing an approved experiential learning opportunity, for a maximum total amount of $3000.


A faculty led international program may qualify if all of the following are met:

  • The faculty led program includes a practicum, internship, or clinical experience
  • The credits in which the student will enroll are degree-required experiential learning credits (See list of degree required courses in a below FAQ)
  • The experience is approved by both the faculty leader and the experiential learning coordinator
  • All other eligibility criteria are met

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee.

Preference will be based on:  

  • Financial need
  • First generation college student (first generation in family to earn 4-yr college degree) or other underrepresented group(s)
  • Unpaid experiences
  • In-person or hybrid experiences
  • Requested funds will be used for purposes directly related to experience

Required experiential learning courses may include:

  • H 439
  • H 459
  • H 469
  • H 510
  • HDFS 310
  • HDFS 430
  • HDFS 433
  • HDFS 469
  • KIN 301
  • KIN 306
  • KIN 401
  • KIN 406
  • KIN 409
  • KIN 410
  • KIN 344
  • KIN 506
  • KIN 509
  • KIN 510
  • NUTR 410
  • NUTR 510
  • PT 792
  • PT 793
  • PT 794
  • PT 795
  • PT 796
  • PT 797
  • PT 798

Contact the Experiential Learning Scholarship Coordinator if the course you are planning to take is not listed, and you wonder if it qualifies.

The scholarship will be offered each term through Spring 2026.

Applications will open on the first day of the academic term for an experience that takes place in the following term.

Sunday end of Week 8 for an experience that takes place in the next term.   

For example, if you will be completing a Winter term internship, you would apply for the scholarship in Fall term and complete the application by Sunday, end of week 8 of Fall term.

We are hoping to grow this scholarship fund, so students will be encouraged to submit an Impact Statement about their experience, what the funds were used for, and how the funds helped them complete the experience.

The impact statement can be submitted as an image, video, or written narrative.


COH Ecampus students who will be completing a required experiential learning opportunity and meet the other eligibility criteria are eligible to apply.


COH students at the OSU Cascades Campus who will be completing a required experiential learning opportunity and meet the other eligibility criteria are eligible to apply.

If funds are still remaining, it may be possible to apply after the deadline.

Contact the Experiential Learning Scholarship Coordinator to learn more.