CPHHS Student Resources

Resources to help all students be successful.

The purpose of this site is to provide students in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences with support and resources. It is important to act quickly to address any issues or problems that may arise, as there is not a lot of time in a 10-week term to get back on track to success. Remember that most, if not all, students are struggling or have struggled at some point in their college experience.

Picture a beaver gracefully gliding along in the water, but what you don’t see is its feet frantically paddling underneath the water. In the same vein, students at OSU may seem to be calm and on top of things, although the truth is most are scurrying fervently to keep up.


Student resource categories

The reasons students struggle in classes are as varied and complex as each student, however there are a few common categories that may encompass each student’s unique circumstances. No matter the reason, OSU offers resources to help you paddle a little less frantically.

From the three categories below, choose all that best fit your needs:


Is the stress of thinking about how to pay for school or other necessities keeping you from concentrating? Are you working too many hours to have enough time to study?

These resources might help you find other ways to pay for school or help manage your time, so you can work and still devote the time you need to be successful in classes.

Financial resources


Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress? Are issues with family or friends taking a toll on your ability to concentrate on school work? Are you not sure of how to cope with these issues?

These resources identify organizations that can provide services and tools to support you while you work through these challenges, or help you with preventative measures such as connecting with others and staying active.

Personal resources


Does the thought of talking to your professor or TA for help make you break-out in a cold sweat? Do you spend a lot of time studying but still do not perform as well as you thought you would in class? Do you feel like you just aren’t smart enough?

These resources can help you develop a plan for how to talk to your instructors, create a schedule to keep you on task, and support you in developing a growth mind-set.

Academic resources

Wondering if you should stay in a class?

Are you not doing as well in classes as you would like and wondering if you should stay in the class? This decision-making map (pdf) can walk you through the steps of deciding whether to change to S/U grading, withdraw from the course or stay and earn an A-F.

You may also request that your instructor give you an incomplete grade for a course, which would allow you to complete the course requirements after the end of the term. An incomplete may be granted if the course has not been completed, if the reasons for the incomplete are acceptable to the instructor and you are passing the course at the time of the request.

*Remember that courses required for CPHHS majors (including prerequisites) require a C- or better, require an A-F grade and can only be taken twice.


Academic calendar

Not sure of the deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from classes or the last week for changing to S/U grading? OSU’s Academic Calendar has all the important dates.