Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club

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Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club

Join the PTAH club if you’re interested in the allied health fields, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training and physician assistant studies.

You’ll advance your knowledge in a field of interest, connect with other students, learn about volunteer and job opportunities, and raise awareness for individuals with disabilities through fundraising events.

Faculty advisor | Emily Norcross, MA, ATC

President | Ashleigh Mifsud
Vice President | Olivia Miller
Operations Coordinator | Anna Kristiansen
Social Media Manager | Lauryn Lopez
Wheel-A-Thon Coordinators | Hannah Lancy and Isabela Alvarado
Activities Coordinators | Anahita Asgari and Malina Marleau


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Reasons to Become a Member

To make friends with students who have similar college career paths

  • Form study groups with members who are taking the same classes
  • Learn and gain perspective from the older members of the club
  • Create friendships that will last throughout your college career!

To learn more about a particular career path

  • Guest speaker presentations from local professionals
  • Visit local clinics and observe demonstrations
  • Opportunities for various volunteer and job shadowing positions
  • Social gatherings with professors within PHHS college
  • Meet alumni who are now professionals within their field
  • Boost resume

To introduce research within the College of Public Health & Human Sciences

  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Meet the professors who are currently doing research at OSU
  • Introduction presentations to research and common questions asked

To prepare for graduate school

  • Graduate School Seminars where you can research which career or graduate school is right for you
  • Graduate school orientations where you can ask specific/general questions about the application process etc.
  • Opportunities for clinical observation hours and volunteer hours needed for certain programs
  • Visit Pacific University to learn more about Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy school
  • Participate in Mock Interviews with direct feedback from Professionals and Professors

To participate in our awesome Wheel-A-Thon fundraiser!

  • Wheelchair obstacle course that raises awareness for individuals with disabilities

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