Undergraduate Student Research

CPHHS Office of Research

Our college and the university offer multiple paths and resources that allow you to explore and be exposed to faculty mentored research and to actively engage in research in both social science and bench science settings.

In general, research is about

  • Building knowledge
  • Exploring, creating and sharing new knowledge
  • Participating in hands-on, engaging inquiry

Participating in research allows you to apply your coursework, build confidence and develop problem-solving skills, establish mentoring relationships with faculty, and build/strengthen skills that allow you to become more competitive in both the job market and for graduate school admissions.

Faculty-Mentored Research Opportunities

Non-credit Undergraduate Research Course HHS 003

Engage in research activities that align with your discipline in public health and the human sciences through the Faculty-Mentored Research Opportunity HHS 003.

This non-credit undergraduate research course allows you to participate in a faculty research project and/or design your own research project in consultation with a faculty mentor.

You will gain research experience and acquire skills, techniques and knowledge relevant to your field of study.

If you spend a minimum of 30 hours in activities related to the planning and execution of a research project, you will receive recognition through a transcript-visible notation.

Because it is non-credit, this new course offers you a method to engage in innovative experiences without accruing tuition charges.

If you’re interested:

Contact Susan Emerson, MPA, Research Program Coordinator, College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Healthy Discoveries

Curious about research and what that means? Interested in discovering new knowledge about an area that interests you? Want to make valuable connections with faculty, build your skills, refine your career interests, and be paid for your work?

The CPHHS Healthy Discoveries program provides the support you need to conduct research projects early in your college career.

This program is made possible with the generous support of the Patricia Valian Reser Fund for Experiential Learning.

What’s involved?
  • Apply for and be accepted to participate in URSA Engage. As a participant, you will receive $450 in winter and $550 in spring.
  • With support from our college communications and marketing team, share details of your research project and experience to encourage future participants via videos and student profiles. Completion of these tasks provides you with $750 in winter and $1,000 in spring.
  • Meet every second week for an hour during one term in the academic year 2023-2024 with your faculty mentor, reflect on what you learned, and share with others via a presentation or video for an additional $500.

To learn more, see Healthy Discoveries.

Research programs, funding, information and resources

The following links provide details about undergraduate research programs, funding, information and resources available within the college and university.

CPHHS Sponsored Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Resources

LIFE Scholars

The LIFE Scholars summer research program provides an opportunity for you to work with a Center for Healthy Aging Research faculty member to develop research skills and an understanding of opportunities in science and research.

University Sponsored Undergraduate Research Opportunities and Resources

Office of URSA

The Office Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts (URSA) facilitates undergraduate engagement in scholarly and creative independent projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines at Oregon State University. This office offers informational workshops on how to get engaged in research, drop in advising hours were you can get 1:1 help on how to get involved in research at OSU and CPHHS, and undergraduate poster sessions twice a year in the spring and summer.

URSA Engage

The URSA Engage Program is designed to establish mentoring relationships for undergraduates early in their academic programs at Oregon State University. In the past, a large number of CPHHS faculty and students have participated in this program. Students who are selected will receive an award of $750 and their faculty mentors will receive $250 for project-related costs. Faculty submit projects in mid-October and student applications are due early December.

Valley Library Undergraduate Research Awards

The Valley Library Undergraduate Research Awards recognizes and rewards OSU undergraduate students who, through the comprehensive use of the OSU Libraries, demonstrate outstanding research, scholarship, and originality in writing a paper or completing a project. The Library Undergraduate Research Award is on hiatus for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio

At the Undergrad Research & Writing Studio research and writing consultants are available throughout your process. No appointment needed, just drop in and start working

Undergrad research contact

Susan Emerson, MPA
Research Program Coordinator
College of Public Health and Human Sciences