Graduate Student Research

CPHHS Office of Research

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences provides numerous opportunities for graduate students to immerse themselves in research. Students have great access to faculty and their research projects, and the ability to create their own.

Students may participate in research by working directly with a faculty member for research credits, volunteering on a project, being hired as a graduate research assistant, or through their thesis or dissertation work.


2021 Graduate Research Symposium

The Research Accomplishments and Scientific Discoveries of Graduate Students in the CPHHS.

May 14, 2021 via Zoom


To recognize and celebrate the contributions of our graduate students to the research and scientific discoveries being conducted in our college, we hosted this Graduate Student Research Symposium. 24 graduate students from nine different disciplines participated with three minutes each to speak about their research that demonstrated work they have conducted in the public health and human sciences. Presentations included one or two slides and focused on research in progress/completed for theses, dissertations or class projects.



2019 poster award winners

Faculty’s Choice
  • Sydelle Harrison --Tek Health: Developing Culturally Appropriate Media Messages for Risk Reduction
  • Deeksha Rao -- Cross Sectional Analysis of Association between Gender Based Violence, Depression and Access to Healthcare Services among Female Sex Workers in South India
People’s Choice
  • Maria Kurth --  PTSD Symptoms among Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and OEF/OIF/OND Veterans: A Rural/Urban Comparison


Research Resources

Research Projects, Programs and Laboratories

Learn more about faculty expertise and the diverse research programs in our College. This comprehensive list is sorted by our five signature research areas.


Weekly Research Seminars

The College of Public Health & Human Sciences seminar series provides a forum for faculty in the College and other researchers (national and international) to present and discuss current research topics in an environment conducive to stimulating research collaboration and fostering student learning. These seminars are currently held via Zoom on Friday afternoons at 1 p.m..


Research Centers

Learn more about our College’s four distinctive research centers.


Research Trainings, Workshops, Events, and Resources

Various units on campus host research trainings and workshops for graduate students including the following (this is not an exhaustive list).

Faculty Panel – Graduate Student Manuscript Preparation and Publication

On October 23, 2019, five CPHHS faculty -- John Geldhof, Molly Kile, Sunil Khanna, Megan MacDonald, and Jangho Yoon – presented information on why it is important to publish your research findings and tips on how to do so successfully.

Listen to the presentation.

Or download.


The OSU library


The OSU library hosts many workshops, including how to manage your research data, tips on publishing and showcasing your research, and trainings on software like SPSS and Zotero. These workshops are currently being offered via Zoom.


Ecampus hosts a “Research in Action” podcast that explores a wide range of topics and issues related to research in higher ed.

Human Research Protection Program and IRB

Students can obtain assistance with determining if a project requires IRB approval and preparation of an initial submission by going to Human Research Protection Program and IRB. IRB hosts drop-in hours for OSU students with questions or concerns about the IRB process.

Note The HRPP Office has suspended in-person advising. Students requiring advising should either email to set up a remote advising appointment via Zoom (they should include a brief description of the reason for the meeting and/or their questions), or they can complete the online meeting request form.

CPHHS Mentored Grant Resources and Services

Graduate students who want to apply for externally funded sponsored projects such as fellowships, dissertation research, or pilot grant funding can obtain resources and assistance to successfully develop and submit proposals through OSU.