Proposal Preparation and Submission Overview

Proposal Preparation and Submission Overview

Sponsored Research Support

College of Health's Office of Research

Letters of Intent (LOI) Requirements

If a letter of intent is required and the sponsor allows the Principal Investigator (PI) to submit the letter of intent, go ahead. If you need salary or other information for the application, feel free to contact Catherine Clevinger (CJ) at 541-737-3259 or [email protected].

If the sponsor requires an institutional signature and/or submission, please email [email protected] with your letter of intent or whatever is needed if on a proposal submission website to ask the OSU Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA) to approve/submit the letter of intent.

Proposal Development and Submission Assistance

If you need assistance with a proposal by the college research office, please fill out the Request for Assistance form as soon as possible. Feel free to contact CJ if you need to discuss the proposal first, especially if the deadline is near.

Cost sharing is the institutional or third party support of a project through either cash or in-kind contributions. If cost share is being considered, please contact Marie Harvey and review the college’s Guiding Principles for Cost Share Agreements (pdf).

Proposal Processing Requirements

Every external sponsored proposal must be approved by OSRAA before submission to the agency regardless of amount. This includes when Oregon State University is acting as a subaward or contractor. OSRAA requires 3 Business Days review after the OSU School Heads and College(s) involved approve the proposal. If a proposal is received by OSRAA before noon on a business day, the first business day starts on that day. If received later than that, the first review day will be the following business day.

Web-Based Proposal Submission System

OSU uses a web-based submission system that includes two modules and uses the ONID single-sign on userid and password at Cayuse Welcome Suite. New PIs have to be added to the system, although graduate students only need to be added if they are applying to a federal proposal at PIs that uses federal forms. CJ can also assist with getting faculty, students, sponsors, and subaward organizations added to the system.

NIH eRA Commons and NSF Fastlane User Registration

Feel free to contact CJ to make the request and answer any other questions/provide other assistance.

Limited Submissions

Please contact CJ Clevinger as soon as possible if you plan to apply to a limited submission. She can assist with obtaining status, requirements, and submission review from College Administrators and the OSU Office for Research Development.

Special Handling of Private Foundation Proposals

Before submitting a letter of intent or proposal to a private foundation, please contact Elizabeth Ocampo, Foundation Relations Coordinator, at 541-737-7362 or [email protected]

Internal Proposals

These proposals are not submitted through Cayuse. Please follow the directions of the specific funding opportunity and obtain any required approvals. CJ can assist with obtaining salary information if needed.