Personal Resources

Personal Resources

Services and tools to help you work through personal challenges.

Counseling and psychological services

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to improving students’ lives through counseling, resources for managing stress and improving self-esteem, and mindfulness practices.

CAPS provides individual, couple and group counseling for OSU students, as well as outreach and education to OSU and the surrounding communities. Learn more about how CAPS can help you.


Prioritize self-care

Student Health Services (SHS) offers multiple flu clinics for students, and has plenty of other valuable resources from Meningococcal B vaccinations to nutrition counseling to injury care.

With nurses, doctors, and a variety of services available, SHS helps students get well and stay well so they can focus on classes, campus, and friends.

SHS works closely with Recreational Sports and other partners to offer a holistic view of health that includes staying active, getting enough sleep, eating well, and connecting to community.


Achieve balance

Do you feel like you’re being pulled in numerous directions and are not sure how to deal with everything?

These tools can guide you towards creating and maintaining healthy support system, reducing unhealthy stresses, and incorporating self-care into your daily routine. Access the tools.


Cultural resource centers

Cultural resource centers are dedicated to fostering an inclusive community at OSU that is committed to social justice and liberation for all people. They also coordinate safe environments in which students can share their multiple identities and learn about issues of culture, heritage, history, identity, and self-expression in an atmosphere of positive engagement and mutual respect.

Learn more about OSU’s seven cultural resource centers.


Family resource center

The Family Resource Center offers many resources to students and their family including:



A source of frustration for some students is that other people often struggle to correctly pronounce their name. NameCoach is a tool, which can be accessed in any available Canvas course, that allows you to make an audio recording of your name.

You can also enter pronouns in NameCoach, and re-record, add, or delete information at any time.

For simple step-by-step instructions to record your name, go to NameCoach.