Social Dance Teacher Training Leadership Program

Social Dance Teacher Training Leadership Program

300 hours Program

Experiential Learning integrating:

  • Musicality, vocabulary and social dance styles
  • Foundations of techniques, training and practice
  • Foundations of teaching methodology especially for dance

Completing the Social Dance Teacher Training Leadership Program will allow you to inspire others to dance, enjoying a lifelong activity with many health benefits.


Program Cornerstones

  • Guiding students to move successfully in rhythm
  • Classroom management for parties and teaching large groups of students
  • Learning verbal dance cues
  • Dance methodology
  • Guided teaching experiences

Program provides

Leadership Experience

Experiential learning through dancing

200+ hour credentials to teach Social Dance

Elective credit toward your degree


  • All courses are 1 credit or 20 hours, except Dance Teacher Training, which is 2 credits
  • Students must earn a B or above for courses to count toward program.
  • Courses can be taken for non-credit and applied toward program.







  • PAC 199 I Dance for Instructors - Course Shadow
  • PAC 299 I Dance for Instructors - Teaching Assistant 
  • Dance for Instructors course can be taken after you have completed the second class of a series. It’s a prerequisite for all TA credits. All TA classes are at PAC instructor’s approval.