PAC 159 Dance: Ballroom 1

PAC 159 Dance: Ballroom 1

PAC 159 Dance: Ballroom 1

From former Ballroom I students:

  • I never believed I’d be able to dance. -Emrys
  • Dancing is a skill I will be able to use the rest of my life and develop as the opportunity arises. -Dimitri
  • Your class was fun and exciting to attend! -Hayley
  • I don’t know if I ever expect to be that good of a dancer, but it is something that I found I really enjoy this tem and I would like to continue to improve to the point where I am confident in myself and my skills and can keep going to school and other public dances. -Jacob
  • I LOVE THIS CLASS! -Jennifer
  • I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed dancing with others as well as knowing how to do these different types of dances.  Overall I’m happy that I took this class. - Andrew

Ballroom Dance I will introduce you to several styles of social and ballroom dances from the American tradition, the Swing (jitter bug), Cha Cha, Tango, and Waltz will be taught.  Also included will be points of styling and correct dance position. These elements benefit the overall dance experience.  Leading and following, which are key elements of partner dancing will be emphasized at all times.  Information on the social and historical background of each dance will be included.  The goal of taking Ballroom I:  students in a social setting with music will be able to dance and have a great time in the process.  Many opportunities for dancing on campus exist.  After taking Ballroom I students become part of the OSU Ballroom Club, experience meeting new people and having a great healthy activity to participate in!

American Style Dances and Steps: (names are not standardized)

Single Time Swing

  • Basic
  • Arch and Trade, (inside and outside turn)
  • Walk through,
  • Cuddle, Cross,
  • Hammer lock,
  • Pretzel

Cha Cha

  • Basic
  • Cross Over Breaks
  • Walk Around Turn
  • Opposite Breaks
  • Progressive Basic
  • Triple Cha Cha
  • Follow’s Arch


  • Basic Box
  • Progressive Basic
  • Ladies Underarm Turn
  • Box Twinkle
  • Open Crosses
  • Left side by side changes


  • Basic
  • Promenade Center
  • Promenade Line of Dance & Close
  • Corte
  • Alternating Promenades
  • Lunge
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