PAC 148 Dance: Cuban Salsa 1

PAC 148 Dance: Cuban Salsa 1

PAC 148 Dance: Cuban Salsa 1

Cuban Salsa I will introduce students to Cuban Salsa (called "Casino" in Cuba) and a group dance called Rueda de Casino (a wheel of Casino dancers). Classes emphasize the social, fun, aspects of the dances, and also connect students to the greater Cuban dance and music-loving community. In the process of learning Cuban Salsa, students will be exposed to other Cuban dances including Son and Rumba, as well as the history and culture from which the dances originate. In doing so, students will gain knowledge of the music Casino is danced to, called Timba, including musical phrasing, song structure, and cultural influences.

The class material assumes no prior knowledge in movement or couples dance, and begins the journey from its very foundations. Over the course of the term, students will learn many of the core movements of Casino, focusing on rhythm, footwork, posture, and connection to their partner. They will then learn applications for each motion in Rueda de Casino, as well as how to put the core movements together in combinations. The class also facilitates chances for participating students to become part of the larger community of Cuban dance enthusiasts and provides outlets for socializing outside of class.  For more information, visit

Motions taught in the class may include:

Basic Motions

  • Basic (Guapea)
  • Dile Que No
  • Enchufla
  • Vacilala
  • Siete
  • P’al Medio
  • P’abajo
  • Exhibela
  • La Prima


  • La Prima con la Hermana
  • Sombrero
  • Setenta
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