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Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program

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Excused Absences Policy

  • Due to the practice and participation nature of our courses, the PAC Program does not accept excused absences (such as Doctor's notes, sports related absences, internship/study related travel, etc). 
  • Please reference the instructor's syllabus for their course's specific policies on recovering participation credit for missed days.
  • If a student is injured, ill or required to quarantine and anticipates missing 4+ days of class, the student should communicate with their instructor regarding the IRP as an option.
  • See the Office of Student Life's about student absences.


Course Fee Policy

Course fees are charged to cover the costs associated with equipment, travel, certification, lodging, additional safety staffing, facilities rentals and other costs associated with the delivery of the course.

  • Refunds for tuition, course fees, and non-credit fees will follow the University Registrar refund schedule. Please check the Academic Calendar for specific term dates (Summer does not follow the same refund schedule as the 9-month academic year).

  • Refunds for fees are not issued separately from tuition or non-credit fees.

    • 100% Refund – must drop the course by Sunday of Week 1.
    • 50% Refund – must drop the course by Sunday of Week 3.
  • SCUBA: If a student is unable to complete their certification dives due to illness or some other unforeseen circumstance the PAC SCUBA program may allow the student to complete the dive trip/dives in the following term, communication with the instructor is required. Course fees are not refunded if a student chooses to finish their dives or certification at another location other than the OSU PAC SCUBA Program. Fees are only refunded following the Registrar’s refund schedule.


Injury & Illness Recovery Pathway (IRP)

  • For students who are injured or contagious and unable to be present in class for a two-week period or more.
  • Students should not register into the IRP without discussing this option with their instructor.
  • Submit pathway registration here: IRP Questionnaire


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Locker service

Each student in a PAC course may check out a storage basket at no additional fee. These are located in either Langton Hall or Women's Building basement, and the check out room is also in the basement. Check out includes a lock. During class-time students may use the available large lockers for storage.

Click for locker registration


Item Cost Per Term
Basket FREE
1/2 Locker $15
Full Locker $15

Wait-list a PAC

  • Waitlists open in Phase II of registration. If the course you wish to register for is full, please add yourself to the waitlist. Be sure to check your email regularly. Once a spot becomes available, you will receive an email directing you to register for the course. You will have a 24 hour window to register. Please note that you will NOT be automatically registered. 
  • See: Waitlisting Courses on Office of Registrar's site.


PAC registration restriction override request instructions & form (For-Credit & Non-Credit)

Complete this online form to override time conflicts, prerequisites, late add or other special approvals for registration within PAC For-Credit or Non-credit. This process is used to during weeks 1 and 2.


Late Add (For-Credit & Non-Credit)

Request to add a PAC course after the add course deadline Friday of Week 1. This process is required for any changes in registration after Friday of week 2.


Late registration changes (For-Credit)

Adding a course, changing grading basis, course withdrawal, course drop, course section change and withdrawal from the university AFTER THE 2ND WEEK DEADLINE.


Audit a course

Students may attend a course on an audit basis by obtaining special instructor approval. Normal tuition and fees apply.


Change of grading option (S/U)

Students may elect to change a course that is graded under a normal grading basis (A–F) to a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading basis (S/U). A grade of S or U has no grade point equivalent and is not used in the GPA calculation.


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