Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program

Letter from the Director of PAC

The Physical Activity Course Program will provide a large variety of remote and online options for students to do work off campus. Core to our mission is the idea of quality experiential learning. In coursework where we cannot provide that learning online, we will still provide that in-person on OSU campus. However, engagement will be different than in the past. Participation in this fall’s courses will include facial coverings, increased cleaning, potentially increased use of outdoor classrooms, and individual safety measures designed for each class. Unless you have been contacted by the PAC department already, your original modality has likely not changed, but it is important you check.

  • If your course is offered via Ecampus or remotely, it will be delivered completely online.  
  • If your course is blended/hybrid, it will be a combination of on-campus and online work; this will vary greatly, and may involve, for some classes, 100% remote lectures only meeting in-person for skills done in pool sessions for Scuba Diving and Scuba field outings. Other classes might be a combination of one day in class and one day remote learning to help accommodate increased cleaning, similar to many of our weight training classes.
  • If the course’s designated meeting location is GRP OC, we have identified an outdoor classroom for you. This will be located south of Langton Hall, between Dixon Rec and Langton Hall.
  • Lastly, courses listed in a specific room and not remote/Ecampus/blended learning will be 100% in-person.  

In order to shift to meet students’ needs, we may make changes to your modality of delivery over the next month, but we will directly contact you should that occur. Many of these changes have already occurred and should already be reflected in the course description in our schedule here. You can filter by remote, blended or on-campus-only instruction to help you find what you are looking for.

Your safety, our instructors’ safety and your learning are our highest priorities. Each decision to deliver remote, blended or in-person coursework was carefully reviewed, and we made the best decision we could with those priorities in mind.

Wishing you good health,
Drew Ibarra
Director of Physical Activity Course Programs


PAC Office Hours of Operation

The main office has been temporarily moved to Women’s Building room 7. The office hours this summer are Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.. We will be responsive via email as well.

If you have questions, please contact us at or leave us a voicemail at 541-737-3222.

Why take a PAC? Watch here!

Physical Activity Courses provide an interactive and engaging experience that allows student to learn through active participation in a variety of physical activities. Recognizing individual interests and abilities, the program provides courses that cater to all levels and abilities.



PAC is committed to providing a variety to options to serve all students to keep you active and healthy.

  • View steps we are taking to support our on campus and remote instruction moving forward.
  • Visit our PAC Courses to learn about courses offered in different modalities.


What We Offer

Enjoy small class sizes with high faculty to student innervation and experiential student-focused learning. In addition to teaching the physical literacy of the course activity, students will also learn about nutrition basics, fitness principles, mindfulness practices, and health promotion.

Offerings may include but are not limited to classes in the areas of: aquatics, artistic and social dance, fitness development, martial arts, mind/body, outdoor recreation, resistance training, sports and games. See our full course offerings here.



PAC are taught by highly qualified full-time faculty in the School of Biological and Population Heath Sciences, part-time instructors, graduate teaching assistants, athletic coaches and professionals in the community. Instructor Contact Directory.


Leadership Programs

We provide a variety of Leadership Programs that prepare individuals to teach and lead physical activity in a variety of disciplines.


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