PAC 212 Running, Jogging

PAC 212 Running, Jogging

Cardiorespiratory fitness with scenic running routes; training, nutrition, and physiology. Beginning and intermediate level.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Maintained or increased their level of aerobic fitness and muscular endurance, demonstrated through reflection and evaluation of class goals in comparison to outside workout log and fitness testing
  • Executed & can explain different running workouts on the concept worksheets
  • Created & altered a training plan based on their current short & long term goals
  • Increased core & hip strength based on fitness testing
  • Practiced proper running form & technique in class
  • Been introduced to minimalist running through an online discussion board activity
  • Been introduced to nutrition guidelines for competition and pre/post runs
  • Been introduced to proper hydration techniques

Course Content

  • Safety: Students will be instructed on proper safety techniques for running outside.
  • Goal Setting: Students will be instructed on goal setting by designing and implanting a training
    program for the semester.
  • Form & Technique: Students will be instructed on proper running form and different levels of
    training intensities (aerobic vs anaerobic efforts).
  • Preparing for Racing: Students will be instructed on how to taper and successfully compete in a
    running competition.
  • Records Log: Students will be instructed on the important of keeping records for training
  • Equipment: Students will be given information on proper running equipment (running shoes,
    nutrition, clothing).
  • Current trends: Students will be able to discuss current trends and various types of running